This Week in Sports

Recreation & Parks Adult & Youth Programs Weekly Schedules

                                   2016-17 Monday Night Coed Winter Volleyball League: 2nd Half

                                         February 27, 2017
                                           Purple Giraffes Vs. SWAT
630pm C1 at Roton
                                            Clam Diggers Vs. Cannon Blasters
630pm C2 at Roton
                                            Happy Hour Vs. Don Carmelos
715pm C1 at Roton
                                          Standard Setters Vs. Sets it & Forgets it
715pm C2 at Roton
                                            Just the Tip Vs. Cotiviti
800pm C1 at Roton
                                             Standard Setters Vs. Purple Giraffes
800pm C2 at Roton

                                        2016-17 Tuesday Night Coed Winter Volleyball League: 2nd Half

                                             February 28, 2017
                                             Likos Vs. Fact Setters
630pm C1 at Roton
                                             BJ Ryan Vs. Sexy Party
630pm C2 at Roton
                                               Can You Dig it Vs. Factset Spike 
715pm C1 at Roton
                                             Factset Attack Vs. I'd Hit That
715pm C2 at Roton
                                            Simpson Plumbing Vs. Booth Financial
800pm C1 at Roton
                                            Aitoros Vs. Uncle Joe's Giants
800pm C2 at Roton

                                   2016-17 Wednesday Night Industrial Basketball League

                                                                                   2nd Half Schedule  
                                                                                    February 22, 2017  
                                                                                 AON Vs. King Industries 615pm at Franklin 
                                                                                   Diageo Vs. Octagon 715pm at Franklin 
                                                                             Norwalk Hospital Vs. Reed Expo 815pm at Franklin 
                                                                                        March 1, 2017  
                                                                          WB Mason Vs. Team Quick Lube 615pm at Franklin 
                                                                                       Diageo Vs. AON 715pm at Franklin 
                                                                                Octagon Vs. King Industries 815pm at Franklin 

                  2016-17 Iddy, Peanut, Junior & Senior Biddy, Middle & High School Basketball League

Saturday February 25, 2017
New Haven, Hartford, U MASS
830am at Roton
Central CT, Eastern Ct, Fairfield U 
915am at Roton
Hartford, Indiana, LSU
1000am at Roton
Brown, Columbia, Cornell
1100am at Roton
Dartmouth, Duke, Florida
1200pm at Roton
Georgetown Vs. Yale
900am at Tracey
LSU Vs. Quinnipiac
1000am at Tracey
Niagara Vs.UCONN
1100am at Tracey
Miami Vs. Sacred Heart
1200pm at Tracey
SCSU Vs. Notre Dame
100pm at Tracey
Jazz Vs.Blazers
900am at Brookside
Bucks Vs. Kings
1000am at Brookside
Cavs Vs. Sonics
1100am at Brookside
Knicks Vs. Magic
1200pm at Brookside
Grizzlies Vs. Clippers
100pm at Brookside
Sunday February 26, 2017
Bucks Vs. Grizzlies
1000am at Franklin
February 26, 2017
Rockets Vs. Celtics
1100am at Franklin
Lakers Vs. Pacers
1200pm at Franklin
Pistons Vs. Nets
100pm at Franklin
Bulls Vs. 76ers
200pm at Franklin
Hawks Vs. Spurs
300pm at Franklin
THURSDAY February 23, 2017
Pistons Vs. Kings
615pm at Franklin
Wizards Vs. Suns
715pm at Franklin
Thunder Vs. Rockets
815pm at Franklin
SATURDAY February 25, 2017
Clippers Vs. Knicks
830am at Franklin
Blazers Vs. Nets
930am at Franklin
Celtics Vs. Suns
1030am at Franklin
Spurs Vs. Kings
1130am at Franklin
Lakers Vs. Pistons
1230pm at Franklin
Cavaliers Vs. Warriors
130pm at Franklin
Bulls Vs. Rockets
230pm at Franklin
Wizards Vs. Thunder
330pm at Franklin