1. Administrative Services

    Learn how the Police Department operates on a day-to-day basis.

  2. Community Services & Crime Prevention

    Access information about what steps the Norwalk Police Department is taking to prevent crime within the community, and search programs that the department offers to the public.

  3. Emergency Service Units

    Find out what types of emergency services the Norwalk Police Deparment offers the community.

  4. Investigative Services

    Learn what the Investigations Division&#39s three units do help bring justice to Norwalk residents.

  1. Offices of the Chief & Deputy Chief

    Access information about the Police Department&#39s highest offices.

  2. Patrol Operations

    Discover what the Patrol Division is doing to keep you and your family safe.

  3. Professional Standards Unit

    Learn about the various professional standards the Norwalk Police Department operates under, and why those ideals help us better serve you.

  4. Support Services

    Learn about the different services the Police Department oversees, including: Animal Control, Combined Dispatch, the Headquarters Unit, and the Property Unit.