Bulky Item


Residents who receive City garbage collection MUST have their Bulky Items curbside by 7:00AM of their scheduled day.

The 2017 Spring Bulky Item Collection Schedule is:
Saturday 4/1/17: Residents with Monday garbage collection
Saturday 4/8/17: Residents with Tuesday garbage collection
Saturday 4/22/17: Residents with Wednesday garbage collection
Saturday 4/29/17: Residents with Thursday garbage collection
Saturday 5/6/17: Residents with Friday garbage collection


1. Bulky Items are furniture, appliances, and other household items that are not part of normal weekly collection.
2. Bulky Item collection is offered to residential properties only (up to four units).
3. Items must be neat and orderly placed curbside by 7AM on the collection day (NO MORE THAN 48 Hours prior). Items should NOT be placed by a mailbox, fence, or utility pole. Do not block sidewalks or street.
4. Amount of Bulky Items is limited to 6 cubic yards per residence (about the size of a couch and large chair with small items placed on top; or 6 feet long by 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall).
5. Bulky Items will only be collected from the residence where it is generated. Do no place items on a neighbor’s bulk items pile – this is considered illegal dumping.
6. Do not put out cardboard boxes, either empty or filled with items.
7. Place like items together. For example, place metal items together, rugs together, etc.
8. A Bulky Item pile will be stickered or tagged and nothing will be collected if these guidelines are not followed.
9. If you believe you are missed for a Bulky Item collection, please call Customer Service on Monday of the following week.

For further information, please call Customer Service at (203) 854-3200.

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