Biking and Walking in Norwalk

The City of Norwalk, the Norwalk Health Department, and their many partners are working hard to make Norwalk a bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly city. Cities that make their streets safe and appealing for walkers and cyclists by developing the infrastructure for active transportation can see benefits related to health, economics, and community cohesion.

Norwalk is working to promote active transportation in many ways. Two of the biggest efforts in this area are the NorWALKer program and the Mayor's Bike/Walk Task Force.


Walking is a great, low-cost way to get active! In an effort to encourage more physical activity in Norwalk, the Health Department and its partners developed more than 40 walking routes in neighborhoods all over the City. Learn more...

Bike/Walk Task Force

In 2014, Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling formed the Norwalk Bike/Walk Task Force, comprised of local residents and business owners charged with helping to make our streets and sidewalks safer for everyone. Learn more...