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1/22/18: The Men's Industrial Basketball League,

The Monday Coed Winter Volleyball League &

The Recreation High School Basketball League.  
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1/23/18: The Recreation High School Basketball League,

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1/24/18: Men's Industrial Basketball Leagues. 
Schedules available in This Week in Sports.


WB MASON: 2017 MEN'S INDUSTRIAL SOFTBALL CITY CHAMPIONS: WB Mason The 2017 Regular Season Champs cam e out of the losers bracket to win the city title. After beating Mercer in the 1st round, WB lost in the semi's against Rocaton sending the in the losers bracket. There they won five straight beating Cirius Energy, MBI Inc. and then Factset in the Winners Bracket Championship 11-7: This set up a rematch with Rocaton who was undefeated in the tournament. WB beat them the first game 14-11 and then again 19-3 to win The 2017 Men's Industrial Softball City Championship.   

FLOE PAINTING: 2017 MIMI LAWRENCE MEN'S WOOD-BAT SOFTBALL LEAGUE CITY CHAMPS: Floe Painting repeats as the 2017 City Champs by going undefeated during the tournament: defeating Nunz's All-Stars & O' Neill's Pub and the Regular Season Champs Partners Spinners in the Winners Bracket final 17-5. Spinners got a second chance at redemption by beating O' Neill's in The losers Bracket Championship to set a rematch with Floe  in the city championship only to get beat 11-5 making Floe Painting City Champs for the second year in the row.      

PARTNERS CAFE PIRATES: 2017 CENTRAL DIVISION MEN'S SOFTBALL CITY CHAMPS: The Pirates went straight thru the tournament beating Delgado Landscaping & Relation Construction then defeating The Dirt Bags 10-9 in the winner bracket final: Partners Café back were to the wall when BJ Ryan coming off a big win in The Losers Bracket Championship against Dirt Bags,to hand Partners their first loss in the championship 11-7 to give the Pirates their first loss: The If Game Partners would recover by defeating a tired BJ Ryan 13-6 to win the championship.  
EAST COAST IRRIGATION: 2017 EAST DIVISION MEN'S SOFTBALL CITY CHAMPS: East Coast Irrigation went straight thru the
play-offs defeating Predators and the Aces only then to beat the Wildcats in the Winner Bracket Championship 17-1 and then defeating The Aces once again 15-3 in the championship game. 

DOONEY & BOURKE DUCKS: 2017 WEST DIVISION MEN'S SOFTBALL CITY CHAMPS: The Dooney Ducks won five games in two days in route to win the West Division Softball City Championships: after losing to The Cougars in the winner brackets semi's: beat Hoof Hearted and Hit Men on a Monday and Tuesday night beat Heat Wave in walk off fashion in the Losers Bracket Championship then defeated The Cougars in two consecutive games to win the championship. 

A & A MAINTENANCE: 2017 EAST DIVISION COED VOLLEYBALL CITY CHAMPS: A & A defeated BJ Ryan, Factset Ace, Block Party & beat Air Time in the championship game: both teams from the Thursday night league. 
BEACH MATES: 2017 CENTRAL DIVISION COED VOLLEYBALL CITY CHAMPS: Beach Mates defeated Datto, Sono Mercy, Devine Brothers & beat Dig It in the championship game. Beach Mates is a Tuesday night team. 
BNA STAFFING: 2017 WEST DIVISION COED VOLLEYBALL CITY CHAMPS: BNA defeated The Bankers, Safe Sets, Setsit & Forgets it & Clam Diggers in the championship game. both teams from the Tuesday night league.  
: 2017 COED ADULT SOFTBALL CITY CHAMPS: O' Neill's defeated The "Don" & Mooney Construction in the winners bracket championship. Mooney Construction came out of the losers bracket defeating The "Don" and beat O' Neill's in the 1st championship game, only to be beat by O' Neill's in the If game.    
ATTENTION ALL SUMMER/SPRING ADULT TEAMS: The complete list of all 2017 City & Regular Season winners has been posted in the Results section. Congratulations to the winners.

Anybody Please check below for times. Please call 854-7938 or come back to the website for the update. All Teams are responsible for all updates, the easiest way is to follow the updated schedule on this page below. When changes are being made it is updated immediately. You can report scores either by email to this sight or to call my direct line at 854-7921 A.S.A.P.
:For any questions email or call 854-7938 for cancellation updates.


Field Directions

Norwalk, CT - We have had many people looking for field directions so we put up directions to Calf Pasture and Veterans Park for all teams. We have also posted directions to West Rocks School. Click Here

This page announces current game cancellations and/or make-up game schedules. If you do not see your team listed and you believe your game might be canceled, please call the Recreation and Parks Recreation League Division, at (203) 854-7938.

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