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MONDAY: 10/15/18:

Men's Central Softball League City Tournament: is Cancelled Tonight. 

Tonight's Schedule can be found in This Week in Sports.


FACT SETTERS: 2018 ADULT COED WINTER VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE "A" DIVISION CITY CHAMPS: The Tuesday Night Regular Season Champ continued their winning ways by dominating the top City Bracket. Fact Setters defeated Clam Diggers, Los Chamos & Likos in the championship. 

SWAT: 2018 ADULT COED WINTER VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE "B" DIVISION CITY CHAMPS: SWAT defeated Over Served, Standard Setters & Loconut in the championship game.

FACTSET SPIKE: 2018 ADULT COED WINTER VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE "C" DIVISION CITY CHAMPS: Factset Spike won three straight matches defeating Fire Ball, Spike-A-Holics & in the championship: Happy Hour.

I'D HIT THAT: THE 2018 ADULT COED WINTER VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE 'D' DIVISION CITY CHAMPS: I'd Hit that defeated fact-Set-serve, Booth Financial & in the championship Simpson Plumbing to win the "D' Championship.

MIAMI: 2018 JUNIOR BIDDY BASKETBALL LEAGUE CITY CHAMPS: After going undefeated and winning the Regular Season Championship, Miami continued to dominate in The City Play-Offs winning their opening game 28-13 over LSU. Kevin Gordon led the team with eight points. In the Final Four Miami then beat Georgetown 43-30 with Josh Todd scoring 11. Miami then won the Championship game 28-14 against UCONN, Jake Beazley scored eight.   

NETS: 2018 RECREATION MIDDLE SCHOOL BASKETBALL CITY CHAMPS: The Net's took their undefeated regular season right into the city play-offs and didn't miss a beat. Final Four they defeated The Celtics 28-14 with Zack Dimeglio scoring 12 while Ryan Buzzee chipped in 8. The championship match them up with the Sixers who defeated the Lakers in the final four 32-19, Benjamin Van Steen led the way with 8 points. The Nets then beat the Sixers 37-22 in the championship game. Zack Rich led  the Nets with 11 while Ryan Buzzee had 10.      

BUCKS: 2018 SENIOR BIDDY BASKETBALL LEAGUE CITY CHAMPS: In the final four the Buck defeated the Cavaliers 35-13 behind Jahiem Daniel nine points & Lucas Bailey's seven. The Championship pitted the Bucks versus The tough Blazer team. Blazers beat last year champs Knicks 29-13 in the final four, Charlie Benincaso led all scorers with 12 points for Blazers. Bucks defeated the Blazers 27-24 for the 2018 Senior Biddy Championship: Zack Rich led all scorers with 10 points for the Blazers while Jahiem Daniel had eight.    

CLIPPERS: 2018 RECREATION HIGH SCHOOL 9-10 GRADE BASKETBALL LEAGUE CITY CHAMPS: The Clippers defeated the favorites Lakers 56-49 on Championship night at Ben Franklin Gym. The Clippers Chris Whittaker led all scorers with 20 points while Jaden Echevarria scored 11 and Cameron Langrin added 10. For the Lakers Michael Langley dropped 19 while Jared Jones added 13 points.

BULLS: 2018 RECREATION HIGH SCHOOL 11-12 GRADE BASKETBALL LEAGUE CITY CHAMPS: The Bull defeated The Warriors 61-51on Championship Night at Ben Franklin Gym. The Clippers Sean Nicholson & Donyae Shavers led all scoring with 20 points each. Ryan Byrne scored 14 points for The Warriors.

REED EXPO: 2018 MEN'S INDUSTRIAL BASKETBALL LEAGUE CITY CHAMPIONS: Reed Expo defeats King Industries 54-53 on Championship Night at Ben Franklin Gym. Reed Expo's Sherrad Prezzie-Blue led all scorers with 24 points while Braxton Gardner added 13 points. King Industries Thomas Liberatore scored 19 point while Shamnelle Philo added 16 points.         

ATTENTION ALL SUMMER/SPRING ADULT TEAMS: The complete list of all 2017 City & Regular Season winners has been posted in the Results section. Congratulations to the winners.

Anybody Please check below for times. Please call 854-7938 or come back to the website for the update. All Teams are responsible for all updates, the easiest way is to follow the updated schedule on this page below. When changes are being made it is updated immediately. You can report scores either by email to this sight or to call my direct line at 854-7921 A.S.A.P.
:For any questions email or call 854-7938 for cancellation updates.


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Norwalk, CT - We have had many people looking for field directions so we put up directions to Calf Pasture and Veterans Park for all teams. We have also posted directions to West Rocks School. Click Here

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