Results for Current Week

                                                             The Recreation Adult Softball/Volleyball Leagues
                                                            The Monday Night Coed Winter Volleyball League
                                                                              Purple Giraffe 3-0 Happy Hour
                                                                                       SWAT 3-0 Cotiviti
                                                                              Clam Diggers 3-0 Blind Rhino  
                                                                            Just the Tip 2-1 Set it & Forget it
                                                                            Cannon Blasters 3-0 Soft Serve
                                                                         Don Carmelos 2-1 Standard Setters  
                                                             The Tuesday Night Coed Winter Volleyball League 
                                                                                Factset Attack 2-1 I'd Hit that
                                                                         Factset Spike 2-1 Uncle Joe's Giants
                                                                                     Sexy Party 2-1 Likos
                                                                          Can You Dig it 2-1 Simpson Plumbing
                                                                                   BJ Ryan 3-0 Booth Financial
                                                                                     Fact Setters 3-0 Aitoros
                                                          The Wednesday Night Men's Industrial Basketball League 
                                                                               Norwalk Hospital 88-39 Octagon
                                                                               Team Quick Lube 61-38 Diageo
                                                                                  King Industries 63-60 AON 
                                                         The Sunday Recreation Middle School Basketball League
                                                                                      Lakers 32-23 Celtics
                                                                                      Spurs 26-16 Rockets
                                                                                       76ers 31-27 Hawks
                                                                                       Pistons 39-19 Bulls 
                                                                                       Pacers 36-20 Nets 
                                                               The Saturday Senior Biddy Basketball League 
                                                                                      Grizzles 23-22 Blazers 
                                                                                       Knicks 17-10 Sonics 
                                                                                        Kings over Cavs 
                                                                                       Jazz 32-23 Bucks 
                                                                                      Magic 21-13 Clippers 
                                                               The Saturday Junior Biddy Basketball League 
                                                                                        Yale 26-22 LSU 
                                                                             Notre Dame 35-11 Georgetown  
                                                                              Sacred Heart 24-20 Niagara  
                                                                                  Miami 18-13 Quinnipiac 
                                                                                  UCONN 26-12 SCSU 
                                                           The 2016 SPRING/SUMMER ADULT CITY CHAMPIONS
                                                       The East Division Mens Softball City Tournament Champions
East Coast Irrigation: Champs 
Wildcats: 2nd Place 
Aces: 3rd Place 
                                                       The West Division Mens Softball City Tournament Champions
Hitmen: Champs
Cardinals: Runner-Up
Lametta Construction: 3rd Place
                                            The "A" Division Coed Beach Volleyball League City Tournament Champions
Madera's Roofing: Champs
Block Party: Runner-Up
                                                     Wednesday Night Mimi Lawrence Wood-Bat Softball League
                                                                            City Tournament Champions
 Floe Painting: Champs
Partners Café Spinners: Runner-Up
O' Neill's Pub: 3rd Place
                                                   Wednesday Night Adult Coed Softball League City Champions
O' Neill's Pub: Champs
Dance to the Music: Runner-Up
                                                 The "B" Division Coed Beach Volleyball League City Champions
Sunset beach Bums: Champs
Can You Dig it: Runner-Up
                                                 Thursday Night Mens Industrial Softball League Champions
WB Mason: Champs
MBI Inc.: Runner-Up
                                           The "C" Division Coed Beach Volleyball City Tournament Champions
Clam Diggers: Champs
Beta Blockers: Runner-Ups

                                                The 2016 Spring/Summer Adult Regular Season Champions
                                                              The Monday Night Men's Softball League
Smitty's Softball: Monday Night Champions
Key Food: West Regular Season Champion
                                                              The Tuesday Night Men's Softball League
Monroe Construction: Regular Season
TC's: 2nd Half East Champion
Predators: 2nd half West Champion
                                                         The Wednesday Night Adult Coed Softball League
 O' Neill's Pub: Regular Season Champions
                                        The Wednesday Night Mimi Lawrence Men's Wood-Bat Softball League
Tucci Lumber: Regular Season Champions
O' Neill's Pub: Runner-up
                                                              The Friday Night Men's Softball League
East Coast Irrigation: Regular Season East Champion
 Hit Men: 2nd half West Champs
                                                         The Thursday Night Men's Industrial Softball League
Mercer: Regular Season Champion
Reed Expo: 2nd Half West Champs
                                                            The Tuesday Coed Beach Volleyball League
Factset Attack: Regular Season Champions
                                                          The Wednesday Coed Beach Volleyball League
Over Served: Regular Season Champions
                                                        The Thursday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League
Madera's Roofing: Regular Season Champion