Results for Current Week

                                                             The Recreation Adult Softball/Volleyball Leagues
                                                   The Monday Night "Tommy Spinola" Men's Softball League  
                                                                              Digital Chameleon 25-8 Savages
                                                                                       Dirt Bags 27-24 ACME   
                                                                           Partners Café Pirates 12-8 Heat Wave
                                                                                  Zelem Pools 10-7 Hill Top Pub
                                                                          Zelem Pools 14-7 G & S Services Group 
                                                                               Warriors 19-5 Digital Chameleon 
                                                                                     Warriors 25-17 Key Food 
                                                                           G & S Services Group 16-11 Hoof Hearted
                                                                      The Tuesday Night Men's Softball League
                                                                                      Predators 23-20 Rics Flair
                                                                               Blind Rhino 15-6 Effective Plumbing 
                                                                         Mitchell Maintenance 25-20 Smittys Softball  
                                                                             Dooney Ducks 18-14 Oldham Resource
                                                                               Delgado Landscaping 24-9 BJ Ryan
                                                                                Cougars 8-7 Delgado Landscaping 
                                                                                      Cougars 21-8 Athletic Gains 
                                                                 The Tuesday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League:
                                                                                                  2nd Half 
                                                                                    Can You Dig it 3-0 Laurel AC
                                                                                         Block Party 3-0 BJ Ryan
                                                                                          Likos 3-0 Factset Spike
                                                                                    Factset Attack 2-1 Clam Diggers
                                                                                             SWAT 3-0 Jarlsberg 
                                                                                      Factset Ace 3-0 BNA Staffing
                                                                                      Devine Brothers 2-1 Loco Nut 
                                                                                   Partners in Crime 2-1 Beach Mates 
                                                                                   Happy Hour 2-1 Uncle Joe's Giants
                                                                                           Fact Setters 2-1 MKTG
                                                                    The Wednesday Coed Beach Volleyball League
                                                                                         Purple Giraffe 3-0 Kings
                                                                                           Dig This 2-1 Safe Sets 
                                                                                      Stars & Spikes 3-0 Tavern on 7
                                                                                   Sets it & Forgets it 3-0 Block N' Awe
                                                                            Albourne University 2-1 Blood, Sweat & Beers    
                                                                               Suns out, Guns out  3-0 Simpson Plumbing 
                                                                                              Over Served 3-0 Datto 
                                                                                   You got Serveyed 2-1 Booth Financial
                                                                                               Penalty Box 2-1 Feta
                                                                          The Wednesday Night Coed Softball League 
                                                                                Mooney Construction 16-11 "The Don"  
                                                                                         O' Neill's Pub 16-4 Datto Inc.  
                                                                                          Elite Sharks 16-10 Factset
                                                                                  Elite Sharks 20-3 Silver Hill Hospital
                                                                                   "The Don" 19-1 Silver Hill Hospital
                                                            The Wednesday Night "Mimi Lawrence" Wood-Bat  League
                                                                                      Nunz's All-Stars 14-4 Ninja's
                                                                                   Floe Painting 14-8 O' Neill's Pub    
                                                                          Advanced Computers over Mooney Construction
                                                                               Advanced Computers 8-4 O' Neill's Pub
                                                                                  Partners Café 18-3 The Blind Rhino 
                                                                               BJ Ryan/Banc House 22-14 Nor' Easter
                                                 The Wednesday Night "Memorial Rebecca DiPanni" Coed Bocce League
                                                                                  SBM Becksters over We Play for Becky
                                                                                      Mad Hatters over The Right Touch 
                                                                                         Azzurri over Saints & Sinners
                                                                                      Beach Bowlers over Boccegaloops 
                                                                                      Sons of Beaocce over Green Horn
                                                                                               Old School over IMOB 
                                                                     The Thursday Men's Industrial Softball League
                                                                                           Factset 25-5 Reed Expo
                                                                                          Rocaton 10-5 WUSTHOF
                                                                                   WB Mason 20-12 First Responders
                                                                                          MBI Inc. 17-14 Datto Inc.
                                                                                         Mercer 20-8 Crius Energy
                                                                          23-19 Graham Capital 
                                                                                      Local 2405 16-8 Garavel Auto 
                                                                            The Thursday Adult Coed Volleyball League 
                                                                                              Air Time 3-0 Sono Mercy
                                                                                         Rotae-4-Fun 3-0 Don Carmelos 
                                                                                        Wall Busters 3-0 Fact-Set-Smash
                                                                                       A & A Maintenance 2-1 Loco Nutters
                                                                                              Partners Café 3-0 Antojos 
                                                                                         Squirtle Squad 3-0 The Bankers
                                                                                The Friday Night Men's Softball League
                                                                                       Wildcats 19-5 Ricks Main Roofing
                                                                               Venezuela Softball 18-6 Ricks Main Roofing
                                                                                      Hit Men over Norwalk Shoe Repair
                                                                                           Hit Men over Sons of Pitches 
                                                                                          Dooney & Bourke 10-6 Snakes
                                                                                               Wildcats 24-6 Cardinals
                                                                                   East Coast Irrigation 20-3 Venezuela Softball 
                                                           The 2016 SPRING/SUMMER ADULT CITY CHAMPIONS
                                                       The East Division Mens Softball City Tournament Champions
East Coast Irrigation: Champs 
Wildcats: 2nd Place 
Aces: 3rd Place 
                                                       The West Division Mens Softball City Tournament Champions
Hitmen: Champs
Cardinals: Runner-Up
Lametta Construction: 3rd Place
                                            The "A" Division Coed Beach Volleyball League City Tournament Champions
Madera's Roofing: Champs
Block Party: Runner-Up
                                                     Wednesday Night Mimi Lawrence Wood-Bat Softball League
                                                                            City Tournament Champions
 Floe Painting: Champs
Partners Café Spinners: Runner-Up
O' Neill's Pub: 3rd Place
                                                   Wednesday Night Adult Coed Softball League City Champions
O' Neill's Pub: Champs
Dance to the Music: Runner-Up
                                                 The "B" Division Coed Beach Volleyball League City Champions
Sunset beach Bums: Champs
Can You Dig it: Runner-Up
                                                 Thursday Night Mens Industrial Softball League Champions
WB Mason: Champs
MBI Inc.: Runner-Up
                                           The "C" Division Coed Beach Volleyball City Tournament Champions
Clam Diggers: Champs
Beta Blockers: Runner-Ups

                                                The 2016 Spring/Summer Adult Regular Season Champions
                                                              The Monday Night Men's Softball League
Smitty's Softball: Monday Night Champions
Key Food: West Regular Season Champion
                                                              The Tuesday Night Men's Softball League
Monroe Construction: Regular Season
TC's: 2nd Half East Champion
Predators: 2nd half West Champion
                                                         The Wednesday Night Adult Coed Softball League
 O' Neill's Pub: Regular Season Champions
                                        The Wednesday Night Mimi Lawrence Men's Wood-Bat Softball League
Tucci Lumber: Regular Season Champions
O' Neill's Pub: Runner-up
                                                              The Friday Night Men's Softball League
East Coast Irrigation: Regular Season East Champion
 Hit Men: 2nd half West Champs
                                                         The Thursday Night Men's Industrial Softball League
Mercer: Regular Season Champion
Reed Expo: 2nd Half West Champs
                                                            The Tuesday Coed Beach Volleyball League
Factset Attack: Regular Season Champions
                                                          The Wednesday Coed Beach Volleyball League
Over Served: Regular Season Champions
                                                        The Thursday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League
Madera's Roofing: Regular Season Champion