Fire Prevention, Inspection & Investigation


The Fire Prevention, Inspection & Investigation Division, also known as the Fire Marshal's Division, consists of the:
  • Fire Marshal
  • Deputy Fire Marshal
  • Fire Inspectors


The Fire Prevention, Inspection & Investigation Division provides fire and life safety educational programs for city schools, organizations, and the general public.
We are also required to investigate every fire in Norwalk, according to State Law. These investigations are to find the cause, origin of each and every fire. In addition this division will provide fire and life safety protection by conducting building inspections and enforcing the Connecticut Fire Safety Codes.

Construction Plan Reviews

As a part of the city's building construction permit process, the Fire Marshal conducts construction plan reviews for:
  • Commercial properties
  • New construction projects
  • Renovations or additions to multi-family dwellings

Arson Tip Award Program

Arson Reporting

The FAIR Plan sponsors the Connecticut Arson Tip Award Program.
This Program offers a reward for information leading to the arrest, conviction or prevention of an arson fire.

A toll free "Arson Hot Line" (1-800-84ARSON or 1-800-842-7766) is answered 24 hours a day.

Information may also be sent to:

Arson Tip Award Program
P.O. Box 8614
East Hartford, CT 06128-0614

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