Curbside Single Stream Recycling Guidelines

The Best & Worst Way to Use Your New Single Stream Recycling Cart

The better the recycling, the more the City of Norwalk will enjoy the environment and financial benefits associated with single-stream recycling! The goal is to optimize the single-stream mixture by including valuable recyclables and minimizing the garbage. Recycling Guidelines (printable version)

Recycling Day pick-up map

Carts should be front facing the street with lids open and should be placed away from cars and other obstacles. And, all items must be placed inside the cart.

Participants can purchase for $65.00 replacement/additional carts from City Carting, 30 Meadow Street.

Best for Single-Stream Recycling:

  • Aluminum- When aluminum is recycled, a tremendous amount of energy and resources are conserved; therefore, aluminum is a very valuable commodity. All empty aluminum cans should be recycled. Don't forget to include clean aluminum foil, trays and pie plates.
  • Paper -Everyone should recycle all the paper that is acceptable (corrugated cardboard, paperboard, newspaper, junk mail and magazines) in the single-stream recycling cart. Most paper/cardboard is acceptable as long as it is not contaminated with food or grease and not wax coated.
  • Plastics-Glass Made from petroleum products, plastics coded #1 through #7 are acceptable in the single-stream recycling mix including polystyrene (Styrofoam).

Worst for Single-Stream Recycling:

  • Garbage- Garbage belongs in the garbage. Garbage does not belong in the single-stream recycling mix. All food waste, garbage and debris should be removed and separated form recyclables prior to their being put into the recycling cart.
  • Hazardous Waste - Hazardous waste can be dangerous to curbside recycling collectors and facility operators. No liquids, especially hazardous waste, should be included with single-stream recyclables.
  • Scrap Metal - Large pieces of metal can damage the single-stream recycling equipment. Scrap metal is never to be put into curbside recycling carts. The only metals allowed in the single-stream recycling mix are aluminum cans, containers, foils, trays and pie plates as steel (tin) cans, staples and paper clips.