Plans & Studies

  1. Redevelopment & Urban Renewal Plans

  2. Choice Neighborhood – Ryan Park

  3. Freese Park Master Plan

    Freese Park Master Plan Concept (April 2017)

  4. SoNo Collection

    Access plans and studies related to the Reed Putnam Project including proposed site plans, presentations, and market analyses.

  5. Six Smith Street

  6. Transit Oriented Development

  7. Wall Street

    Find documents, presentations, plans, and updates related to the Greater Wall Street Redevelopment Project.

  8. Wayfinding

  9. Webster Street

    Access reports, meeting minutes, and actions from the Webster Street Block Planning and Urban Design Study.

  10. West Avenue

    View resources related to the West Avenue Corridor Municipal Development Project including Connecticut statutes, plans, ordinances, and more.

  11. West Avenue Enhancement Plan

    Documents and plans related to West Avenue Enhancement Plans

  12. West Avenue Streetscape Improvements