Community Outreach

Educating the Public

In addition to traditional policing activities, the Community Policing Unit officers are responsible for planning and coordinating non-traditional functions and events for youth in their areas, including bowling leagues, holiday parties, midnight basketball and other events. Some of the programs the unit oversees include:
  • National Night Out, which is held each August in Ryan Park, South Norwalk
  • The new Cops and Kids program, which unites the police with the community
  • The PAL Children's Holiday Party, which is held each December

Community Policing - along with the Human Services Council, Community Prevention Task Force, and the Norwalk Housing Authority - also coordinates the annual Roodner Court Family Day. Children and families from the Roodner Court Housing Complex gather for a day of fun, food, and games. The three-on-three basketball tournament is one of the highlights of the day-long event.