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Provisional Ballots & Presidential Ballots

Provisional Ballots

    When a voter believes that he is registered to vote in Norwalk, but is not permitted to vote by election officials because but his name does not appear on the official registry list for the polling place, and the Registrars determine that his name cannot be restored to the voting list, or transferred from another polling place; or if the voter has been challenged; or is a first-time voter who is unable to produce required identification, he may apply for and cast a Provisional Ballot. The application contains the voter’s written affirmation that he is qualified to vote, and has neither offered himself to vote, nor voted in person or by absentee ballot at this election. This ballot will be held until after election day for further checking by the Registrars. If it turns out that the provisional voter was actually entitled to vote, his vote will then be counted. If not, it will not be counted. Provisional Ballots are issued in Federal/State elections only, not in Municipal elections.

Presidential Ballots

     In presidential election years any voter who is not registered or who is not allowed to vote otherwise, may cast a presidential ballot, which will be counted. However, he will not be allowed to vote for any other office.

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