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Calfe' Mu at Calf Pasture Beach
The Calfe' is in the house.
Muffins and Goodies at Calfe' Mu



Regular Coffee   Flavored Coffee
Iced Coffee   Iced Tea
Muffins   Donuts   Danish
Bagels  Coffee Rolls   Hard Rolls

Beach Gear

Sunscreen   Lip Balm   Aloe
Beach Toys   Buckets
Towels   Tote Bags
Visors   Hats
T Shirts   Sweatshirts

New mural of Norwalk across from Calfe' Mu
If you haven't seen the new courtyard by Calfe' Mu, you should stop by and enjoy the view.

The palm trees and flowers provide a colorful welcome that transports you to another place.  Palm trees in Norwalk?!!  

A new mural graces the wall across from Calfe' Mu and two new pavilions are available for private parties.

Pavilion Rentals
Pavilion One at Calf Pasture Beach
Pavilions One and Two are available to rent part day or full day.  Look for the blue and white awnings on either side of Calfe’ Mu.

Hours are:  11:30am to 3:30pm
                   5:00pm to 9:00pm
                 11:30am to 9:00pm

Rates:  $425 for 4 hours
           $625 for full day

Seating capacity for 110 persons

Reserve your space with Recreation and Parks. 203-854-7806

Calfe' Mu Menu Chalkboard
Menu Chalkboard of Calfe' Mu
Our resident artists drew up the menu at Calfe' Mu

Palm Trees at Calf Pasture Beach
Palm Trees at Calf Pasture Beach
There really are Palm trees in Norwalk. 

T-shirts and hats for sale
Sun protection is available at Calfe' Mu.  

On the Water, On the Move
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