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Application Process for Out-of-State Officers
Steps for Approval
There is no direct lateral transfer for out-of-state police officers. Police officers, whether certified in their own state or not, must follow the same track as non-police officers. Learn more about our hiring process for new recruits.

Special Consideration
Once you reach the eligibility list, the potential benefit of being a police officer may begin. You may receive special consideration, just as consideration is given to applicants with college, military service, and residency - some of which you may also qualify for.

In addition to this benefit, if you are hired, an application will be made to the State of Connecticut Police Officers Standards and Training Council for Comparative Certification (POSTC). If accepted, this will allow you to be excused from certain portions of the mandated training. You will, however, be required to attend certain areas of training. If comparative certification is not granted, you would be required to attend the full academy training of approximately 24 weeks.

Additional Information
More information can be obtained by contacting the Training and Recruitment Unit at (203) 854-3003.

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