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Unpaid Balances
Paying Past Due Taxes
The tax collector's office makes every effort to show past due accounts, if any, on your consolidated statement. Any past due taxes must be paid in full before payment on current bills can be accepted. Any payment you remit will be applied to past due taxes and interest charges first.

Past due notices are sent to taxpayers semiannually, usually in March and October, in addition to the semiannual tax billings, which are sent in June and December.

Motor Vehicle Taxes
If motor vehicle taxes remain unpaid, you will be unable to renew vehicle registrations with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) per Connecticut General Statute 14-33. Past due motor vehicle taxes must be paid in full in order to receive immediate DMV clearance. You also must pay a $5 fee per name each year for each motor vehicle registration DMV release.

All outstanding vehicle taxes in your name, including taxes not yet delinquent, must be paid in full in order for a release to be issued. If you must pay your past due motor vehicle taxes with a personal check, you will not receive a DMV clearance for 30 days. An ATM is available in the tax collector's office.

Please note: The tax collector's office window now accepts credit and debit cards for tax payments. View additional tax payment methods

Personal Property Taxes
If personal property taxes remain unpaid, the tax collector will execute a levy against your business property, goods, and chattels in accordance with state statute.

You will not be reissued a health permit by the Health Department until your taxes are paid. In addition, you cannot receive a beach sticker unless your motor vehicle taxes are paid.

For More Information
If you have questions about what you owe, please contact the tax collector's office staff members by calling (203) 854-7731 or by fax at (203) 854-7770.

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