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  The Recreation Adult Softball/Volleyball Leagues 
The Men's "Jack Casagrande" Touch Football League
City Championship
 US Assets 6-0 Norwalk Smoke Shop Warriors 
The Monday Night Coed Winter Volleyball League
 Cannon Blasters 2-1 Clam Diggers
  SWAT 3-0 Don Carmelos
 The Blind Rhino 3-0 Cotiviti
 Purple Giraffes 3-0 Just the Tip
Happy Hour 2-1 Standard Setters 
The Tuesday Night Coed Winter Volleyball League
 Sexy party 3-0 Factset Spike
 BJ Ryan 3-0 Can You Dig it
 Factset Attack 3-0 Simpson Plumbing
 Fact Setters 2-1 Can You Dig it
 Likos 3-0 Booth Financial
 I'd Hit that 2-1 Aitoros
The Wednesday Night Mens Industrial Basketball League
 Reed Expo 70-51 Team Quick Lube
 WB Mason 49-37 AON
 Octagon 62-49 Diageo
The East Division Mens Softball City Tournament Champions
  East Coast Irrigation: Champs 
  Wildcats: Runner-Up 
Aces: 3rd Place
The West Division Mens Softball City Tournament Champions
       Hitmen: Champs  
 Cardinals: Runner-Up
Lametta Construction: 3rd Place
 The "A" Division Coed Beach Volleyball League City Tournament Champions
  Madera's Roofing: Champs  
 Block Party: Runner-Up
Wednesday Night Mimi Lawrence Wood-Bat Softball League
City Tournament Champions
                Floe Painting: Champs            
 Partners Café Spinners: Runner-Up
O' Neill's Pub: 3rd Place
Wednesday Night Adult Coed Softball League City Champions
 O' Neill's Pub: Champs
 Dance to the Music: Runner-Up
 The "B" Division Coed Beach Volleyball League City Champions
    Sunset Beach Bums: Champs
     Can You Dig it: Runner-Up
Thursday Night Mens Industrial Softball League Champions
 WB Mason: Champs
 MBI Inc.: Runner-Up
Factset: 3rd Place 
The "C" Division Coed Beach Volleyball City Tournament Champions 
Clam Diggers: Champs
Beta Blockers: Runner-Ups
The 2016 Spring/Summer Adult Regular Season Champions
 The Monday Night Men's Softball League
 Smitty's Softball: Monday Night Champions
 Key Food: West Regular Season Champion
 The Tuesday Night Men's Softball League
 Monroe Construction: Regular Season
TC's: 2nd Half East Champion
 Predators: 2nd half West Champion
The Wednesday Night Adult Coed Softball League
 o' Neill's Pub: Regular Season Champions
The Wednesday Night Mimi Lawrence men's Wood-Bat Softball League
 Tucci Lumber: Regular Season Champions
O' Neill's Pub: Runner-up
 The Friday Night Men's Softball League
East Coast Irrigation: Regular Season East Champion
 Hit Men: 2nd half West Champs
The Thursday Night Men's Softball League
 Mercer: Regular Season Champion
Reed Expo: 2nd Half West Champs
WB Mason: 2nd Half East Champs 
 The Tuesday Coed Beach Volleyball League
 Factset Attack: Regular Season Champions
The Wednesday Coed Beach Volleyball League
 Over Served: Regular Season Champions
The Thursday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League
 Madera Roofing: Regular Season Champion

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