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New Fire Headquarters
Final Station Update- October 2013
october 2013 photo

October Update
We are in!!! The completion of 9 years of work to develop this project into this finished product has been exceptionally rewarding to everyone who has participated and contributed time, talent and funding. While the building is intended to serve for generations protecting the community we want to take this opportunity to thank all the design, engineering, consulting and construction professionals who individually and collectively worked so hard to get this concept translated into a facility that we are so proud of. Future generations may not know them but we who participated in this process know the skill and hard work that went into creating it.

September Update
As the Department prepares to move into the new Central Firehouse some key elements are being completed. The most noticeable is the main apparatus floor. The department chose an epoxy finish for durability and appearance. This final parking areas have been completed as has the training pad on the far west end of the lot. This area will double as overflow parking. The flagpole is installed by the main public entrance on the west end. The date for move in has been set: Administrative Staff and the Fire Marshal’s Office will move into the third floor offices on September 16th. Firefighters will move in on Friday September 20t/  This date was chosen as our way or recognizing  the support and commitment by Captain Hines who has worked tirelessly to bring this project in on time and on budget.

Summer 2013 Update
aug 2013 exterior pic
The Fire Headquarters project remains on schedule. We anticipate moving in mid-September. Currently much of the work is being done inside the building and includes flooring and carpeting installation, painting and electrical work. In Mid-August we expect the bell to be installed in the atrium. This bell dates back to the 1880's and has been part of the Norwalk Fire Department's long history. 
We expect to hold our Ribbon cutting for the new station in early October.

Spring 2013 Update
april 2013 photo

The project remains on time and on budget.Click here to view a slideshow of the interior construction.The final stages of major construction will be completed by June. This includes the remaining exterior west end masonry work and window installation. In the interior all block walls and all sheetrock work has been completed. Painting and tile work is progressing smoothly. The final major elements will be to hang suspended ceilings throughout the building. After that work, the light fixtures will be installed. The overhead doors will be installed in May/June. A major element remains in design stage; the EOC technology design will be completed by late June to be installed in July. This includes grant funded video displays to aid emergency management and a video conferencing system available for all local and regional partners to participate in meetings and presentations remotely

The station bell was forged in 1882 and hung in the first ‘Central Firehouse’ on Franklin St and subsequently in the replacement station there. It was moved to a bell stand at 121 Ct Av when Volk Fire Headquarters opened in 1963 and will hang in the atrium of the new station. The bell will be hung in June of this year.

The department is honored to have installed on the apparatus floor a ‘cornerstone’ of our training wall - a 2 inch thick slab of steel from the World Trade Center. The steel was made available to NFD by  Lee  Ielpi President of the September 11th Widows and Victims’ Families Association, who lost a son Jonathan on 9-11 serving in the FDNY. We are proud to display it and feel it is fitting to connect it to our training wall as a reminder to all who serve in the station of the sacrifices made by 343 of New York’s Bravest. 

January 2013 Update
jan 2013 entry pic
The Headquarters project is moving along according to the schedule. Click here to view a slideshow of the interior construction. Some recent developments;
Masonry: At this time the south face masonry is completed. The contractor will complete the North Face (Ct. Av) by mid February.
Windows: The windows have been installed on the third floor and installation is continuing on the second.
Concrete: The Apparatus Floor has been poured. The East Stair is the only remaining concrete work in the building remaining
Framing: The entire second floor interior is framed and framing will begin next week on the third floor.
Stairs: Interior Stairs have been installed on the east and west stair towers as well as the mezzanine/training stair. The access stair from the center of the building to the 2nd floor has not been installed nor has the gym spiral stair.
Heat:The gas for the building is installed and once the windows and overhead doors are installed temp heat will be on in the building.

December 2012 update
december 2012 photo
The station project continues to move along according to schedule. During the month of November the Tropical Superstorm Sandy interfered with two weeks of work but fortunately damage was limited to some construction material on site. The building has been closed in. Masonry work continues and is now up to the second floor. All windows openings are framed. The shingles are being installed on the roof. All three of these items are expected to complete by the end of January. The concrete for the main apparatus floor will be poured in the first two weeks of Dec. Interior framing of second floor spaces is complete and work to frame the third floor offices has begun.

Over the next month substantial completion of the exterior faces of the building will be completed. The majority of work over the next six will be inside the facility. The project remains scheduled for completion in the fall of 2013

October 2012 Update
october 2012 pic

The station project is moving according to schedule. The masonry block now encloses the first two floors. The upper floors will have metal stud wall and a masonry exterior. The construction team including department representatives, construction manager, architect and trades representatives meet each week to troubleshoot issues.

A two week “look ahead” schedule is presented each week so the work on site can be coordinated between the various trades.

While the exterior masonry work continues the subsurface electrical conduit, drainage and is being completed on the first floor. The first floor concrete will not be poured until these items are completed. 

The roofing materials have begun to arrive on site and installation of the asphalt roof will begin towards the end of the month.


September 2012 Update
september 2012 picture
Construction progress is visible every day. The surrounding landscape has been cleared for I-95 construction/lane addition and this gives passing motorists a clear view of the project. By the end of the month the cement block will enclose the exterior and the concrete floors will be poured.

Special Update- August 7, 2012
last steel beam
" May all who enter here return safely from every call."
These words were written by Chief McCarthy on the final steel beam that was set in place on August 7, 2012. City officials and members of the Norwalk Fire Department celebrated the 'topping out' ceremony that marks the placement of the final steel beam of the new fire station that will open in the Fall of 2013. Everyone present had the opportunity to add their names and thoughts on this beam. To close the event, a firefighter placed the American flag into the beam before it was raised and welded in place.

August 2012 Update
august 2012 photo

August Update:

The skeletal frame of the new firehouse is up and the building is taking shape each day. The steelwork began at the west end and is just nearing completion, A topping out ceremony will be held about mid month when the last make piece of steel is set in place. All of the major contributors to the project: Members of the Common Council, Building, Zoning, Purchasing, and Finance Departments, the construction management team as well as our internal station design committee will be asked to sign the piece before it is raised into place. This event marks a significant milestone. From this point the masonry skin of the building will be set in place with the concrete block set first followed by the brickwork. The project remains on schedule and on budget. A construction meeting is held each week with representatives of the department and the construction management team to closely evaluate progress and coordinate the multiple contractors on site.

July 2012 Update
july 2012 pic

July 1st saw the completion of steel work from foundation to roof level for the first of three building segments. The  attached photo shows steel outlines the main entrance of the building, the 1st floor Emergency Operations Center, the mezzanine IT Data Center as well as the west entrances to the firefighters quarters on the second floor and the reception area of the third floor. As the steel work is completed the masonry work will begin also starting on the west end.

June 2012 Update
june 2012 pic

Steel erection began in mid June and is progressing rapidly. Each day the form of the structure takes on more of the finished shape. Steel is being erected in three, three floor segments beginning inthe west end forming the main entrance and finishing on the east side apparatus bays. Steel work is expected to be completed by the end of July.

May 2012 Update
may 2012 jobsite

Site preparation work is winding down as we begin to move towards construction. The project remains near or on schedule and we anticipate the foundation will be poured by Mid-May and the steelwork will start once the foundation is in place.  The project team is working to further refine our LEED certification. Currently LEED Gold is a possibility but LEED Silver certification seems to be very likely.


April 2012 Update
groundbreaking photo
On April 10, the Norwalk Fire Department held the groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction phase for the new Fire Station. More than 100 guests joined us for this important and exciting event.

Currently work is being done below street level. The unsuitable fill beneath the previous building has been excavated and engineered fill is being added to ensure the future foundation and building is on solid and stable ground.

March 2012 Update
march 2012 pic
What's happening now: all the remediation on the firehouse has been completed and demolition has begun. During the week of March 5, the demolition permit was isssued and the building should be torn down quickly.
Once the building and debris have been removed, the contractor will begin to prepare the site for the new headquarters.

What to expect next: We're currently planning the groundbreaking program which will take place on Tuesday, April 10.

February 2012 Update
Feb 2012 pic
What's happening now: Once the move of the firefighters and apparatus to 100 Fairfield Ave was complete, the site was prepared for demolition. However, before the existing building can come down, several weeks of hazard remediation work and site clean-up was needed.

The final phase before demolition is currently underway, the building is covered in plastic sheeting to provide protection as the windows and aggregate stone panels are removed.

What to expect next: Once the remediation work is complete, the building will be ready for demolition in March. We anticipate the ground-breaking ceremony will occur in April.

New Fire Station- Overview
Jan 2012 pic

The current Fire Department Headquarters, located at 121 Connecticut Avenue, was built in 1963 in a different era of public safety. In the last 50 years, the population in the City has increased by 30%. The Fire Department has also grown to meet the diverse needs of the City. The services provided by the Department continue to evolve to meet the challenges of emergency response in the 21st century.  The current Fire Headquarters at 121 Connecticut Avenue no longer meets the public safety needs of our community.

The existing HQ building is increasingly expensive to maintain. Fuel for heat and air conditioning is very expensive in this inefficient building. The building needs too much work to bring up to code, to make it energy efficient, to create more useable work and meeting spaces or to create a facility that will serve the City very well for the next 50 years.

Structural problems will continue to plague the existing facility. The apparatus floors will continue to settle and sink, pulling down interior walls and causing damage to building services. The electrical and plumbing infrastructure as well as the main heating plant continue to deteriorate and would be very expensive to replace.

Although a larger site would be better than the existing Volk site we decided that the City could not afford to buy commercial property to relocate the facility. In 2008, the Fire Department conducted a study to look at options for the headquarters, the study concluded that “A new, properly designed, low maintenance, long-life, sustainable structure is the recommendation for the most viable, cost-effective option for Norwalk to solve the inadequacies of the current Volk Station”

To ensure a smooth transition and continuity of services during this project. The best option was to move the Fire suppression division to 100 Fairfield Ave, which is the site of apparatus maintenance and also served as the Fire Marshals Office. During the summer and fall of 2011, the Fire Marshals office and the Fire Administration offices moved to 141 East Ave. In November 2011, the Fire Suppression division and apparatus moved to 100 Fairfield Ave.

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