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Emergency Alert
Response Activities
Potential City-Response Actions
During an emergency, such as a severe storm, the list below highlights some activities that would take place in Norwalk based on the size and scope of the event.
  • The city’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be partially or fully activated and the city’s Emergency Management Team (comprised of city department staff, as well as community and private sector partners) will be mobilized to respond. 
  • Emergency notifications could be made through our CodeRed System, and we would reach out to the media and our partners with updates and safety tips.
  • Shelters or reception centers could be opened for daytime use or overnight.
  • Our community partners and private sector partners would be notified to provide assistance.
  • The city’s Disaster Reserve volunteers would be activated to provide assistance to support the city’s response
  • We would coordinate our activities with neighboring communities as well as the state’s Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.
  • While responding to the current emergency, we would also be planning for the next hours and days. This could include:
    • Collecting damage assessment reports to assist in obtaining a FEMA declaration
    • Establishing a disaster recovery center to provide information and assistance
    • Establishing fixed and mobile feeding operations
    • Setting up points of distribution to provide quantities of water, ice, and other supplies

Contact Us
For additional information about the Office of Emergency Management, please contact us at (203) 854-0238.

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