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2016- 2017

The Norwalk High School Pool is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, November 1st. 
With this date in mind we will be begin our aquatic programs the weekend of Saturday, November 5th. 

REGISTRATION for the November Private Lessons will begin on Monday, November 21st, at 9:00am.

*  All lessons are held at the Norwalk High School Pool (Pat Spinola Natatorium)
*  Private lessons are available for children ages 3 and older
*  Children age 3 may participate in private lessons only, and MUST be potty  trained.  Usage of "swim diapers" is prohibited.
*  Private lessons are held on Sundays.
*  Private lessons are 20 minutes in length
*  Each 20 minute lesson is $20.00.
*  Lesson times are:  2:45pm, 3:05pm, 3:25pm, 3:45pm, 4:05pm
*  Lesson times are strictly adhered to - no extra time will be allotted for a late participant

DATES:  DECEMBER 4th, 11th, 18th

TIMES (section number):  
Sunday, Dec. 4th :  
2:45pm (01);  3:05pm (02); 3:25pm (03); 3:45pm (04); 4:05pm (05)
Sunday, Dec. 11th :    
2:45pm (11);  3:05pm (12); 3:25pm (13); 3:45pm (14); 4:05pm (15) 
Sunday, Dec. 18th :   
2:45pm (21);  3:05pm (22); 3:25pm (23); 3:45pm (24); 
4:05pm (25)                           

*  To register for the Private lesson go to the Recreation online registration link
*  If you are new to the online registration program, please set up your household well in advance of the registration date so that the registration process goes smoothly.
*  All available spaces will be listed.  If a time slot is filled you will be able to place your child on the waitlist.  Waitlist students are not guaranteed a spot.
*  Registration is not available over the phone or by e-mail, and will not be available before the registration date.
*  To register on-line you will need your user name and password. You will not be able to obtain your log-in information the same day that registration opens.

*  Swimmers will register for each individual class (day and time slot).  
*  Swimmers may sign up for only one time slot per day









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