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Harbor Management Plan
Development of the Management Plan
The Norwalk Harbor Management Plan was prepared by the Harbor Management Commission with the authority provided to the City of Norwalk by the Connecticut Harbor Management Act. Chapter 69 of the Norwalk Code specifically gives the commission the power and duty to prepare the plan.

The Harbor Management Plan was approved by the State of Connecticut on July 6, 1989, and was adopted by the Norwalk Common Council effective September 1, 1990. Many Norwalk citizens interested in the harbor provided thoughtful comments during the planning process. Amendments to the plan, as prepared by the Harbor Management Commission, were adopted by the Common Council in 1993 and 1998.

Today, the City of Norwalk is recognized throughout the state of Connecticut for its foresight in understanding the need for strong city leadership in matters concerning the Norwalk Harbor and waterfront, and its committed efforts for implementing the Norwalk Harbor Management Plan.

What the Plan Contains
The Norwalk Harbor Management Plan is contained in two documents, which may be reviewed and purchased from the city's Planning and Zoning Department at Norwalk City Hall 125 East Ave. Room 223 Norwalk, CT 06856 or view the Norwalk Harbor Management Plan below:
 Norwalk Harbor Management Plan Contents  Norwalk Harbor Management Plan Chapter 4
 Norwalk Harbor Management Plan Chapter 1  Norwalk Harbor Management Plan Chapter 5
 Norwalk Harbor Management Plan Chapter 2  Norwalk Harbor Management Plan Chapter 6
 Norwalk Harbor Management Plan Chapter 3 Files may take a long time to load, please be patient

The first document is the plan document adopted in 1990 and amended in 1993; the second document is the Plan Addendum, adopted in 1998. Included in the plan is a description of the harbor's environmental setting and the many and varied uses of the harbor and waterfront. Also included is an overview of the many local, state, and federal agencies, laws, and programs affecting the harbor. In addition, the plan describes harbor-related issues to be addressed by the plan.

Additional Information

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