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Employee Wellness

2015-2016 Wellness goals run from August 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016

We encourage our City Employees to participate in 2015/16 Wellness Initiative!!!

 For details refer to your collective bargaining agreement or log into your

To obtain the wellness incentives (Year 2015/16) contained in the applicable contract employees must accomplish the following: 


1. The Employee and spouse must annually complete a confidential health  
    assessment administered through the Cigna website. 

2. Employees must complete one well visit with their primary care physician or  

3. Employees must complete one dental visit (cleaning or checkup). 

Required: one from the following: 

1. Enroll and graduate from the "Healthy Steps to Weight Loss" program 
    administered by Cigna. 

2. Enroll and graduate from the "Cigna Quit Today" smoking cessation program 
    administered by Cigna. 

3. Participate in confidential blood screen and receive your personal health 
    evaluation report administered by Interactive Health Services. 

4. For employees with Chronic Conditions : Make progress towards a goal or 
    Achieve a goal set with your coach while participating in the "Your Health First"
    Chronic Condition Support Program (Asthma, COPD, Behavioral, Diabetes,   
    Osteoarthritis, Peripheral Artery Disease, Cardiac, Low Back Pain, Metabolic   


Note: Completion of the above requirements is required in order for Employees to be eligible for contractual wellness incentives. Employees completing the IHS blood draw are required to self-report at

*** REMINDER ***
In order to be eligible for contractual wellness incentive please determine your status by logging into MyCigna.Com and verifying your points.  Before credit is given for any goal that is completed, the employee (spouse, if applicable) must complete the HRA questionnaire.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Chris Pelosi at 203-854-7864.  Again, the final day to complete any goal for this year’s incentive is June 30, 2016.

City of Norwalk’s Wellness Initiative
for fiscal year 2015/16 has been completed.

Incentive for participating in the Wellness Initiative has been processed and participating employees should have received their incentive as of August 3rd (if in the HDHP-HSA plan) and as of August 6th (if in the POS plan).

 If you have not received your incentive yet, and believe you should have already, please contact Personnel & Labor Relations at 203-854-7864 or

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