Money Saving Programs and Services for Norwalk Seniors

Tax Reductions for Homeowners and Renters

The Homeowner’s Tax Relief Program
A reduction in real estate taxes to qualifying seniors 65 or over or people with disabilities regardless of age. Click here for Elderly Tax Credit Information

Renters Tax Relief
State program for elderly or totally disabled renters. Income must not exceed $36,000 if single or $43,900 for a couple. Apply between April 1, 2019 and October 1, 2019.

Help with Fuel Costs

Energy Assistance
This program offers help with fuel bills for people of low income. Eligibility determination for the 2018/2019 program:
Income can be no higher than $35,116 for 1 person, $45,920 for 2 persons. For house-holds with 3 or more persons, consult staff.
Program runs from 10/15/18- 05/31/19

Increased Social Security Benefits

A federal program that will increase your monthly income if your Social Security benefit is less than $500 per month and your only source of income. Asset limits are $2,000 for 1 person, $3,000 for 2 persons.

Medical Benefits

Title XIX
Title XIX Medicaid or Title 19 is a program of medical/financial assistance offered by Connecticut’s Dept. of Social Services. The program pays some medical bills for people with low incomes and asset levels. The approximate figures are $ 912.00 per month for 1 person; $1,381.00 per month for 2 persons. Liquid assets, 1 person $1,600 and $2,400 for 2 persons.

Medicare Part D
Prescription coverage program available through Medicare. Anyone who has Medicare Part A and/or B is eligible, but must enroll to receive benefits. The Senior Services CHOICES counselors can provide assistance in deciding whether to enroll and which drug plan is best for you.

QMB (Q01)
Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program pays Medicare Part B premiums, Medicare deductibles and Medicare co-payments, for income eligible seniors.

Medicare Savings Program: SLMB (Q03)
This low-income Medicare beneficiary program pays the Medicare Part B premium only, for income eligible seniors.

Grants for Home Care Assistance
Call Southwestern CT Agency on Aging at (203) 333-9288 for information. Toll-free: 1-800-994-9422

Medicare Savings Program: (ALMBQ04)
This program pays for Part B premium only. Subject to available program funding.

Q01,Q03, & Q04 are also known as the Medi-care Saving Programs (MSP). If you qualify for MSP, you will automatically qualify for Extra Help also known as Low-Income Subsidy (LIS).

Other Helpful Programs

Yellow Dot Program (TRIAD)
A round yellow sticker on your car window alerts first responders that life-saving information about you is in your car’s glove compartment.

Contains your medical history, physicians names, emergency contact numbers, allergies, medications and other emergency information. It is placed in the freezer, with a magnet on the freezer door and a sticker on the outside door. We have contacted all local emergency personnel about the purpose of these packs. In the event of an emergency, the responder will see the sticker, collect the “Life Pack” and take it with the senior to the emergency room at the hospital, if that is where the senior is going.
“LIFE PACK” IS FREE OF CHARGE!!! Call now to set up an appointment for us to go to your home and fill out your “Life Pack” (203-847-2830)

American Red Cross Medical Equipment Loan Closet
Located in Greenwich, they loan medical equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, commodes and more. Also check to see what Medicare and your insurance company cover.
Call 203-869-8444 for information.

SNAP (Food Stamps)
This federally funded program provides food stamps to persons of any age meeting the gross monthly income limits of $1,832 for one person & $2,457 for two persons. No asset limit.

Project Lifesaver - NEW!
This project helps police locate people with Alzheimer's or other dementia who have wandered from home. For information, call the Norwalk Police Department at 203-854-3000.

The Senior Umbrella

TheSeniorUmbrella_thumb.bmp Contact us for more information or for help in
applying for the benefits described in this brochure.

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Norwalk's Municipal Agency for the Elderly

Keeping seniors independent and in their own homes is the focus of our work.

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