Pedestrian & Bikeway Transportation Plan

Pedestrian & Bikeway Transportation Plan
Recommended Improvement Plan

Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc., (FHI) has revised the Recommended Improvement Plan in response to public comment. Links to the Existing Conditions Report, Priority Corridor Rankings, schematic designs and Recommended Improvement Plan are all posted below. The Pedestrian & Bikeway Transportation Plan for the City of Norwalk was prepared by FHI in association with Stantec and Alta Planning & Design. Submit your comments to

Task 1
: Existing Conditions Report

Task 2
: Priority Corridor Rankings
Priority Corridor Rankings
Proposed Priority Corridor Map
Proposed Improvements Map

Task 3: Schematic Designs for Selected sites
Task 4: Recommended Improvement Plan


Links to City of Norwalk Pedestrian & Bikeway Plans Links to State & Regional Pedestrian & Bikeway Plans
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