Resident, Beach & Boat Passes

A 2018 Beach/Resident Pass is required for access to the Beaches, Cranbury Park, Marvin School, Taylor Farm, Transfer Station, Veteran's Park and Yard Debris Site.

PLAYA/PERMISOS PARA RESIDENTES (para Espanol toque aquí)

The expiration date for your existing pass will be March 31, 2018

Starting March 1, 2018 online registration is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Any resident with delinquent taxes will not be able to register for a Resident Pass until all delinquent taxes are paid. Please contact the Tax Collectors office at 203-854-7731 to resolve any outstanding taxes issues.

If your vehicle registration states your name and Norwalk address that is all you will need to bring in.  If you are a city resident  or property owner but your vehicle is not registered in the City of Norwalk you will need to present one of the documents listed below along with the vehicle registration at the Recreation and Parks Office in City Hall, Room 129 to obtain a resident pass from the City of Norwalk.  If your vehicle is leased you should be able to complete online as long as the vehicle is registered prior to October, 2017, if you cannot then you will need to bring the current registration along with one of the items listed below.

  • Current vehicle registration along with one of the following:

  • - Current HOME LEASE or HOME mortgage statement with a Norwalk address

    - Current City of Norwalk tax bill or property deed

    Please note: The name on the vehicle registration must match the name on the HOME lease, HOME mortgage, tax bills, or property deed - no exceptions will be made. If your vehicle is a company vehicle you will need to also bring a letter from the company (on company letterhead) stating that you are the sole driver of the vehicle, the vehicle registration along with your proof of norwalk residency in order to obtain your resident pass.  All information will need to be brought in yearly as data base is cleared annually.
    In order to register online for a resident pass, you will need your current registration and your vehicle must currently be taxed by the City of Norwalk and registered with the CT Department of Motor Vehicles. This includes both owned and leased vehicles. YOU MUST DISPLAY YOUR PRINTED PASS IN YOUR VEHICLE WHEN PARKED.

    You may click here to obtain a resident pass online if you registered your car before 10/1/2017

    If you registered your car after 10/1/2017.  your car will not be on the DMV Grand List and you will NOT be able register for a pass online. You will have to come to the Recreation and Parks Office in City Hall, Room 129 along with the required paper work to receive your Resident Pass.

    Residents who don’t have access to a computer and printer or require assistance can access a computer at the Norwalk Senior Center, the Norwalk Public Libraries or at the Recreation and Parks Department in Norwalk City Hall.

    Information for new residents or new vehicle registrations

    Connecticut towns and cities receive motor vehicle registration information from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle twice yearly: in December for vehicles registered as of October 1st and in November for vehicles registered between October 2nd and July 31st. Because the City of Norwalk receives information from the DMV only twice yearly, a new or updated registration may not be in the City’s tax database when you attempt to register online for a Resident Pass. Should this happen, please visit the Department of Recreation and Parks at Norwalk City Hall to register in person and bring a copy of the current motor vehicle registration with you.

    Boat Sticker Registration Form

    Boat Stickers will be available on March 15, 2018.  Boats are also required to have a Norwalk-issued sticker for Launching purposes. To obtain a boat sticker, fill out a boat sticker registration form and bring the registration form along with your current boat registration to the Recreation and Parks Department. Boat stickers will not be issued to P.O. boxes or to a business.

    Non Resident Beach Pass
    Please bring your current car registration with you to pick up the pass.

     Any questions please call 203-854-7807.