Fit Kids

Fit Kids teaches elementary and middle school children about nutrition and physical activity through fun, interactive lessons during after school programs and summer camps. In each hour-long lesson, students participate in 30 minutes of nutrition education and 30 minutes of physical activity.

Nutrition lessons are based on the US Department of Agriculture MyPlate nutritional guidelines and include games, crafts, and discussion. Elementary school students participate in taste tests to introduce them to new, exciting foods, whereas middle school students take the lead in cooking demonstrations, empowering them to cook for themselves and develop more autonomy.

During physical activity time, the students play games such as relay races, badminton, and soccer, and learn that physical activity can be fun and should be part of their everyday lives. The Health Department integrated more advanced lessons and interactive fitness video games into the middle school curriculum to keep this age group more engaged.

Fit Kids was developed by the Norwalk Health Department and the exercise science programs at Sacred Heart University and Norwalk Community College. Sacred Heart University students help Health Department staff deliver the program during the school year.

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