Norwalk Bike/Walk Commission

In 2014, Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling formed the Norwalk Bike/Walk Task Force, comprised of local residents and business owners charged with helping to make our streets and sidewalks safer for everyone. In 2017, the Norwalk Bike/Walk Commission was established. The Commission supports bicycling and walking as safe, accessible, and sustainable forms of transportation and recreation that increase the City of Norwalk's livability and economic vitality, and improve public and environmental health.

The Norwalk Bike/Walk Commission meets on the first Monday of the month from 6:00 - 7:30 pm, unless the first Monday falls on a holiday. In that case, the Commission will meet the second Monday of the month. Click here for meeting agendas. Click here for meeting minutes. 

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Goals for 2018-2019

The Norwalk Bike/Walk Commission will work toward accomplishing the following goals by June 30, 2019.

1. Promote Complete Streets programs and facilities for bicycles and pedestrians in the City of Norwalk.
1.1 Complete east side north/south bike route connections. 
1.2 Encourage any Department of Public Works engineers who are involved with street design or traffic attend Complete Streets training. 
1.3 Continue working to bring a bike share program to Norwalk. 

2. Review, promote, and update the City of Norwalk's Master Bicycle Plan.
2.1 Add providing sheltered bicycle parking and/or a secure location at City-owned facilities. 
2.2 Update the map of existing and planned bicycle facilities in the City. 

3. Review, promote, and update the City of Norwalk's Pedestrian Plan. 
3.1 Develop scorecards for measuring the conditions of walking/running in Norwalk. 
3.2 Develop a short list of priority pedestrian trouble spots or connectivity opportunities in Norwalk (e.g. crosswalks and sidewalks).
3.3 Work with the Department of Public Works to implement improvements from objective 3.2. 

4. Review and provide advice in the implementation of the transportation component of the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD).
4.1 Participate in the final meetings for the POCD. 
4.2 Advocate for the inclusion of biking and walking initiatives in the POCD. 
5. Review and provide advice on transportation and other projects having an impact on walking and biking in the City of Norwalk from the earliest stage possible.
5.1 Appoint a liaison to Planning and Zoning to keep advised of current development projects. 
5.2 Appoint a liaison to the Redevelopment Agency to keep advised of current or future studies. 
5.3 Appoint a liaison to the Department of Public Works to keep advised of current or future studies. 

6. Coordinate and promote public awareness campaigns, education, and events related to bicycle and pedestrian issues. 
6.1 Participate in at least one community outreach event per quarter. 
6.2 Continue to update the Commission's website and social media with relevant content. 
6.3 Send a minimum of four news releases to the media. 

7. Research funding opportunities to support the mission of the Commission. 
7.1 Apply for a minimum of two grants. 

Norwalk Pedestrian Infrastructure Audit 

You can help make Norwalk's roads safer for everyone! The Pedestrian Committee of the Norwalk Bike/Walk Commission created a do-it-yourself Pedestrian Infrastructure Audit for the public to use while walking in town. Data obtained from the pedestrian infrastructure audit will help inform the Pedestrian Committee of the Bike/Walk Commission of areas that may need pedestrian safety and/or access improvements. 

Simply print a copy of the audit and take it with you as you walk, or have the document open on your mobile device. Select one section of a road, such as an intersection or a stretch of road between two streets or landmarks, observe your surroundings as you walk, and answer the questions with a check mark under the 'YES', 'NO', or 'SOMETIMES' column. Please send completed forms to or mail to the Norwalk Health Department, c/o Theresa Argondezzi, 137 East Ave, Norwalk CT 06851.

Need help understanding how to fill out your pedestrian infrastructure audit? Watch this step-by-step video guide, courtesy of the University of Connecticut - School of Nursing.

Pedestrian Audit

Bike/Walk Commission Accomplishments and Goals

Norwalk Bike/Walk Commission - Accomplishments

Mayor's Challenge for Safer People, Safer Streets 

Mayor Harry Rilling and the Norwalk Bike/Walk Taskforce were honored at the Mayor's Challenge for Safer People, Safer Streets Summit in September 2016 for their collaboration with the Norwalk Health Department to create the City's master bicycle plan and to improve the Health Department's successful NorWALKer Routes program. Click here for a write-up from U.S. Department of Transportation on Norwalk's accomplishments.
Mayor's Challenge

Click the Image Below to Access the City's Master Bike Plan

City of Norwalk's Master Bike Plan