Eat Well Healthy Restaurant Program

Eat Well, Live Better

Our community is full of fantastic places to dine out. Whether it's a special occasion or a quick meal on the go, healthy options are on the menu. Through our Eat Well Initiative, the Healthy for Life Project partners with restaurants, markets, and other stores to show just how convenient and delicious healthy eating can be!

The Eat Well Healthy Restaurant Initiative helps restaurants highlight healthier options and helps you make smarter choices. Coming soon: Look for the Eat Well logo at your local eateries in Fairfield, Norwalk, Westport, and Weston to learn which menu items meet our healthy criteria.

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*A note about our nutrition criteria:
The menu items highlighted at each participating restaurant meet the nutrition criteria, which were adopted from the National Restaurant Association’s Healthy Dining program and based on a 2,000-calorie diet. However, keep in mind that everyone’s nutritional needs and goals vary. If you have specific dietary or health considerations, you should consult your physician and/or registered dietitian to better understand if these menu options meet your needs. For example, many dishes prepared in restaurants and food stores are high in sodium, and the Healthy for Life program does not evaluate the sodium content of adult entrees. If you need or want to limit your sodium intake, please contact the individual restaurants for sodium content.

Also, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has very strict guidance for calling a food "healthy," but these criteria are different from the Eat Well program criteria. For example, in its criteria, the FDA includes limits for sodium and cholesterol, but Eat Well does not. Therefore, Eat Well does not claim that the menu items listed here meet the FDA’s criteria for healthy.
Healthy Choices When Eating Out

Special Thanks to our Sponsors:

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