Comenzando Bien

The Norwalk Health Department offers a March of Dimes-sponsored program called Comenzando Bien: A Family’s Journey. The program offers free prenatal classes for anyone in the Fairfield County area who is interested in learning more about their pregnancy, their new baby’s growth and development, and the many changes to come. 

The sessions—which are offered in a group setting in both English and Spanish—provide extensive information regarding women’s health, emotional support, and nutrition services. With a focus on the entire family unit, fathers and siblings are welcome as well. Instructors aim to educate families about advocacy and personal growth throughout their pregnancy. 

The overall goal of Comenzando Bien is to reduce risk of premature birth through education, healthy lifestyle, and emotional support. Starting healthy habits early in pregnancy can reduce the risk of premature birth and postpartum depression. Instructors offer a welcoming prenatal program that promotes wellness and growth while aiming to minimize preterm labor and low birthweight as well as promote educational value to families.

In 2017, Comenzando Bien instructors from the Health Department were honored by the March of Dimes for their passion, hard work, and commitment to assisting women and their families with remaining healthy and empowered to advocate for themselves with the intent of minimizing preterm labor and preventing the birth of low birth weight infants. 

Contact Us

China Shanté Perez-Brown, Lead Educator
(860) 407-BABY (or 2229)

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Comendzando Bien_educator and baby
Comendzando Bien_educator and baby