Zoning Commission Pending Applications: 

In order to keep the public updated on significant applications, the Commission is providing the materials to the public electronically so everyone has access to these materials, especially during times when you cannot access City Hall.                                 Simply click on the project tab in the left column to view the application materials.

If you have any questions regarding these applications, contact Planning & Zoning staff here.

North 7: Zoning map change, zoning amendment & Master Plan

67, 69, 79, 87, 111, 117, 129, 135, 155, 156 & 201 Glover Avenue and 2 Oakwood Ave

The Zoning Commission has received a request for a change to the zoning map from AAA Residence, Business #2 and Executive Office zone to entirely Executive Office zone, an amendment to the zoning regulations and a master plan site plan for a future new mixed use development on the west side of Glover Avenue south of Grist Mill Road. These applications are currently under review by staff. Below are copies of the documents and reports submitted.