COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus, 2019)

Last updated May 21, 2020, 7:30 pm.

The Norwalk Health Department is working closely with partners to respond to COVID-19, the 2019 novel coronavirus. Health updates will be posted on this page. City announcements and updates  will be posted here. The Health Department’s services and hours can be found here.

For up-to-date information about cases of COVID-19 in our area, visit: 

Key COVID-19 Topics:

  • What Can We All Do Right Now? 
    • Keep Physical Distance
    • Make and Properly Use Face Coverings
    • Stop the Spread of Germs
    • Take Care of Yourself and Loved Ones: Mental Health, Food Resources, Volunteering, and other Community Services
  • What Should You Do if you Feel Sick?
    • COVID-19 Symptoms
    • Isolation vs. Quarantine vs. Physical Distancing
    • Test Collection Sites and Call Centers
  • Recovering from COVID-19
    • Release from Self-Isolation
    • Plasma Donation
    • Antibody Testing
  • Links and More Information
    • General COVID Information from CDC, WHO, others
    • Special Topics/Resources: Food Safety, Breastfeeding, Chronic Diseases, Parents and Pediatricians