Stop the Spread of COVID-19

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Three Steps to Stop the Spread

Keep Your Distance

Keep 6 feet from people outside your household. Avoid large gatherings.

Wear Your Mask

Wear a mask or cloth face covering in public spaces, especially when it’s hard to keep a safe physical distance (for example, in grocery stores and public transit). Make sure your mask fits properly, fully covering your nose and mouth.

Wash Your Hands and Stop the Spread of Germs

Follow Travel Advisories

The State of Connecticut does not currently have travel mandates or requirements in place. However, health officials encourage people to be aware that travel still increases the chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. We urge you to continue taking precautions when you travel. See below for details.

Travelers should review the CDC's travel guidance when planning travel outside of their local community. Know your travel risk

Do not travel if you are sick, are considered infectious after testing positive for COVID-19, or should be quarantining after exposure to a person with COVID-19.

The CT Travel Advisory page offers more detailed guidance for domestic and international travel for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

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Considerations for Fully Vaccinated Individuals

The CDC has offered guidance for fully vaccinated individuals who would like to begin doing some of the things they may have stopped doing during the pandemic, including travel, gatherings, and mask wearing. More information can be found here: