Contact Tracing

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Last updated November 17, 2020, 5:00 pm.

Contact tracing can help slow the spread of COVID-19, but the Health Department needs everyone's help to make it to work.

"Contact tracing" can sound scary, but it's the term used to describe how the Health Department reaches out to people with COVID-19. We call to check on how they are feeling, see if they need any help staying home as recommended, and ask about people they may have been in contact with when they were contagious (also called their "contacts"). The Health Department then calls the contacts to give them information to stay safe. All information is confidential, and Health Department staff will never ask for social security numbers, personal financial information, passwords, or immigration status.

The Health Department needs you to participate in the contact tracing system for this to work. 

Answer the Call. Slow the Spread of COVID-19. Help keep your loved ones and your community safe.

Meet Our Contact Tracers:

Darleen H.
Health Department Staff Member
Calling from: (203) 854-7835 and (203) 943-8118
Speaks: English
"I’m committed to equipping people with the information and resources necessary to best manage the impact of their illness and to limit the spread of Covid-19. Hopefully, all that we are doing is effective.”

Jahliah G.
Health Department Staff Member
Calling from: (203) 349-8052 or (203) 854-7790
Speaks: English
"I want to give exposed and infected individuals the tools and information that they need to properly self-isolate or quarantine so we can stop the chain of transmission. Helping our community stay safe is my goal." 

Jennifer D.
Community Health Worker
Calling from: (203) 523-5416
Speaks: Haitian Creole and English
"I contact trace because I want my community to get better informed in order to decrease the spread of Covid-19."

Megan F.
Health Department Staff Member
Calling from: (203) 353-9137 or (203) 854-7984
Speaks: English
"It’s rewarding being able to educate cases on the resources they need to keep their family safe."

Tanisha E.
Community Health Worker
Calling from: (203) 318-6350 or
(860) 952-3405, ext. 9545
Speaks: Haitian Creole and English
"I am excited to be a part of the team working to slow the spread of COVID-19 and help families and communities in Norwalk stay safe."

Tasnim C.
Community Health Worker
Calling from: (203) 523-5417, ext. 5417
Speaks: English
"I want to educate and provide the necessary resources to efficiently self-isolate and quarantine with the hope to slowly reduce the spread of Covid-19. I'm grateful to be a part of this gratifying initiative." 

Theresa A.
Health Department Staff Member
Calling from: (203) 518-4580 or
(860) 952-3405, ext. 4580

Speaks: English
"We know quarantine and isolation are not easy. I want to help people with COVID-19 by offering information and support services." 

Vanessa C.
Community Health Worker
Calling from: (860) 952-3405, ext. 95451
Speaks: Spanish and English
“By helping one person we are helping the community “

*More team members' information to be added soon! 

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