Building Zone Map for the City of Norwalk Connecticut

Building Zone Map

The Building Zone Map amended to October 30, 2020 is available for online viewing.
The legend below provides a list of zoning districts in Norwalk. Please refer to the Building Zone Regulations for information regarding permitted uses and structures within each district. For copies of the current zoning map, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (203) 854-7780.

Building Zone Map Legend

_ _ _ _ Coastal Area Management Boundary LI2 Light Industrial No. 2
A A Residence MC Marine Commercial
AA AA Residence NB Neighborhood Business
AAA AAA Residence RD Research and Development
B B Residence RI Restricted Industrial
B1 Business No. 1 RPDA Reed Putnam Design District - Subarea A
B2 Business No. 2 RPDB Reed Putnam Design District - Subarea B
C C Residence RPDC Reed Putnam Design District - Subarea C
CBD Central Business District RPDD Reed Putnam Design District - Subarea D
CBD-W Central Business District - Water RPDE Reed Putnam Design District - Subarea E
D Residence
RVD Rowayton Avenue Village District
Executive Office
SNBD South Norwalk Business District
EVD East Avenue Village District
SSDD Sono Station Design District
Industrial No. 1
SVD Silvermine Tavern Village District
IC Island Conservation
WSDD Washington Street Design District

GHVD Golden Hill Village District

Village Districts

Norwalk has four Village Districts that are established in accordance with the Connecticut General Statutes Section 8-2j. For more information about Village Districts, please consult the links below:

Zoning History Maps