Summer Safety


High temperatures and humidity can bring fast-moving summer storms to the area. These storms can result in urban flooding, power outage and downed trees and wires. Before heading outside or on the water, remember to check the weather and have a way to stay updated: National Weather Service

 Links to help you prepare for summer hazards: 

Safety Tips- Extreme heat/ humidity: Extreme Heat

Safety Tips: Thunder and Lightning: Thunderstorms and Lightning

Safety Tips-  Power outages Power outages

Safety Tips- Grilling Safety  Grilling Safety

Safety Tips: Fireworks  Fireworks Safety

                    Fireworks Safety- Spanish:  Fireworks Safety- Spanish

Safety Tips: Swimming and water safety Stewie the Duck- water safety


City of Norwalk- Customer Service203-854-3200
United Way/Infoline- for housing, health, mental health providers,  financial assistance or information. 2-1-1
For public safety or life-threatening emergencies9-1-1