Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The City of Norwalk’s Recreation and Parks Master Plans provides direction on program offerings, facility construction and management, general capital improvements, and park amenities. While the City has completed several parks upgrades and quality of life projects, a fresh look is needed to guide us for the next decade.

Starting in the spring of 2020, the Parks Department will initiate a comprehensive system wide update which will provide a 10-year outlook and vision for the City’s recreation facilities, programming, open space, and trails. The plan will include research, data gathering and analysis, community involvement, and the incorporation of the following plans and documents that have already been completed.

Parks and Recreation Masterplans 1952-1966  1996

City of Norwalk Citywide Plan (POCD) – Related to Open Space, Parks, Trails and Recreation Systems.

Veteran’s Park Masterplan

Cranbury Park masterplan

Oyster Shell Park Masterplan

Freese Park Masterplan

Bikes and Trails Masterplan

Annual Operating and Capital Improvement Program

Comprehensive Master Plan for Gallaher Estate