Resident Beach and Boat Pass Information

2021 Resident pass image

The 2020 Resident pass expires on March 31st, 2021. It will be extended until April 15th. Please check  to download your new 2021 season pass after April 15th.

The Yard Waste site and Transfer Station will need a valid Resident Pass for access year-round. 

If you need assistance with resident passes (Disposal) please email us at to get a pass or to schedule an appointment to come to pick it up. The walk-up window will be closed. You can call us at 203-854-7806 or you can also reach the Customer Service Center at 203-854-3200.

 Your car needs to be registered to Norwalk to get a free Beach & Parks Pass as well as a Disposal Pass for the Yard Waste site and the Transfer Station. The Marvin school pass needs to be displayed on your dashboard inside your vehicle if you need to park there. 

We only get your records from the DMV once a year in September, therefore; if your car was registered to Norwalk before September, you should be able to verify and print your pass online. If you are a Norwalk Resident and your car is registered to Norwalk, you can click here to verify you are in our Grand list and print your Resident Pass or enter this link into your browser

  • If you purchased a new vehicle, traded or swapped your plates, or made any changes thru the DMV after September of the previous year we will not have your records. If you can’t verify your vehicle online, you can email a photo of your car registration to

New Residents:

  • State Law gives you 90 days from when you moved to change your car registration to your new City and State. If you moved to Norwalk within the last 3 months we will need to see your lease or your property deed showing the date and that you moved here within the last 3 months -  You can email these documents to us at If it's been over 3 months from the date on your lease or deed, you will need to either change it with the DMV or pay a fee.

*If you moved here over 3 months from the date on your lease/deed and your car is not registered to Norwalk we will not be able to issue a free Resident Pass. You can purchase a Beach and Parks Pass for $250.00 and a Disposal Pass for $100.00 for the season (valid from 4/1/2021-3/31/2022) If you decide to purchase a pass we will need you to come down to City hall after scheduling an appointment with us. You will need to bring proof of address (Tax form or lease/deed) and your car registration. We take Check or Visa & MasterCard. NO CASH. Also, if you decide to buy your pass mid-season or later please be advised we DO NOT prorate the cost of the pass.

 If you are driving a corporate car and it is not registered to Norwalk we will need you to bring the following documentation to our walk-up window at City Hall:

  • Most recent pay stub  
  • You need to be the ONLY driver of this vehicle
  • Letter from the company with company letterhead stating you are allowed to drive said vehicle (vehicle License plate# and VIN# in the body of letter)  
  • Proof of address to Norwalk (Tax form or lease/deed)
  • Car registration

If you have a rental car we need to see proof of address, the rental agreement as well as the car registration. We will manually input this into the master list for the duration of the rental agreement.


The 2021 Landlocked Non Resident permit allows residents from the towns of New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, and Wilton to purchase a nonresident pass. Please bring your current vehicle registration with you to purchase a pass. If you are a non-resident and would like to visit our beach or parks for a day, you can pay over the phone at 877-727-5730 or by downloading the Parkmobile app


Resident Launch Stickers can be purchased at the Veterans Park Launch Ramp Boating Center during the current Launch Ramp operating hours, Sunday-Thursday from 8 am-6 pm and Friday & Saturday from 7 am-9 pm until the end of the season on October 31st, 2021. To purchase a Norwalk boat launch sticker the boat must be registered in Norwalk, complete the boat sticker registration form, and bring the registration form along with your current boat registration to Veterans Park Launch Ramps Boating Center. Boat Launch stickers will not be issued to P.O. boxes or to a business. Boats that do not have a Norwalk-issued sticker will be charged the daily launching rates.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Recreation and Parks Department at 203-854-7806 or email us at