Planning & Zoning Commission

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What we do: 

The Planning & Zoning Commission is responsible for planning and coordinating the physical, social, and economic development of the City and regulates the use of land within the city by:
  • Preparing, adopting, and amending the Building Zone Regulations and the Building Zone Map so as to control and direct the use and development of property
  • Reviewing and deciding upon applications for special permits, site plan review, and coastal site plan.
  • Acting upon applications for motor vehicle dealer or repairer licenses
  • Administering the City's subdivision regulations
  • preparing, adopting, and implementing the 10-year Plan of Conservation and Development
  • Reviewing municipal improvement subject to Section 8-24 of the CT General Statutes
  • Reviewing and acting upon referrals from Federal, State, and Regional agencies, and
  • Making recommendations regarding the City's Capital Budget projects

Contact Information:

The main point of staff contact for the Planning & Zoning Commission is the Principal Planner, Bryan Baker.


Phone Mailing Address
 Bryan Baker
Planning & Zoning Commission
Room 129
Norwalk City Hall
PO Box 5125
Norwalk, CT 06856-5125

Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings and Membership Information:

The Planning & Zoning Commission generally meets twice per month, starting at 6:00 PM on the pre-determined dates . Please note, the Commission holds additional meetings in January and February on the proposed Capital Budget; check the agenda pages for the specific dates and times for these meetings.

Currently, all meetings are being held virtually using the Zoom application. 

Please go to the Meeting Notices page to join a meeting or view prior meetings.

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