Conservation Office

NOTE: Starting Monday, March 13, 2020 alternative Conservation office hours: 

Permitting/sign-offs by appointment only. When you make your appointment in Zoning, Conservation Staff will meet with you at the same time.  Zoning permitting hours, by appointment only, will be Tuesday-Thursday 8:30AM - 12:30PM.  Call Zoning at 203-854-7780 for appointments.  
For any other Conservation Office matters, please leave a message at the Conservation main line at 203-854-7744.

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The Conservation Office provides staff for the:

Specific Responsibilities

The Conservation Office administers and enforces the regulations and policies of each of these boards. In particular, the office is responsible for:
  • Administering the City's Inland Wetland Regulations, which regulate activities adjacent to inland wetlands and watercourses in order to protect our water resources.
  • Oversee certain potentially hazardous land uses in the public drinking water supply areas in the city
  • Providing recommendations on natural resources and open space plans
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