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Did you know you could rent the Fodor barn?

open barn doors
Why not plan your next function surrounded by glorious gardens?  It’s a great place for small to medium sized parties, beautiful baby showers, creative cooking demonstrations and fabulous fundraisers. It’s available all year long  (winter dates may vary)and is fully equipped with central air conditioning, a small gas potbelly stove and French doors that bathe the inside with natural sunlight. The gorgeous gourmet kitchen is perfect for caterers and chefs and provides the centerpiece for this lovely venue.   An addition to the Barn is an outdoor patio measuring 25' x 40',  just outside the barn doors.  This area is perfect for additional seating and may even be tented.  Details and rental info are included below.

Fodor Rental

              Rent Fodor Barn- it is perfect for your next                                                 Fundraising Event!  

FB Long Shot - Tabl-Ch

The room lends itself to small, intimate events, with the chef's kitchen being an added bonus for sure!  There is plenty of counter space to prep, cook and serve and along with the price of the rental includes both table and chairs.  Depending on the season, there is also a lovely Pavilon is a partially covered overlooking the gorgeous gardens where additional seating and serving space may be found.There  Pavilion also provides additional entertainment options and plenty of parking! 

FB Pavilion 2

Proving that community involvement and support can work in concert with city projects, the Fodor Farm Barn provides the perfect spot for Fundraising Events, Wedding or Baby Showers, and is perfect for that 1st Birthday Party!  

FB Inside 3

All three barn doors open up to a spectacular outdoor patio, which provides extra space providing  a lovely, old fashioned setting for these extra special events!

FB French Doors

What's cooking at the Fodor Farm Barn? 

FB ovens
This space is perfect for a wine and/or food tasting event.  The old style architecture, with a beautiful chef's kitchen is hard to beat!

The Fodor Barn Kitchen is ready and waiting to host your next foodie event.

This is a great demonstration space with twin cook-tops, sinks and refrigeration. Granite counter tops and a rustic post and beam construction set a comfortable yet contemporary tone.

Check with Recreation and Parks for availability and details. 203-854-7289

FB Front

Located adjacent to the old homestead and bordered by the upper and lower community gardens it serves as a great centerpiece for the entire farm, a perfect coordination of function and location.

How Does Your Garden Grow?


Raised bed gardens


Sustainable gardens and a learning environment

With sustainable gardening setting the environmental stage at Fodor Farm, the new facilities now provide a home for the demonstration and hosting of events to promote healthy eating. It really is a natural. If you wander the grounds you’ll find 300 working gardens, an orchard, bee hives, green houses, tool sheds and a tree farm.


A Historic Landmark Preserved

At 328 Flax Hill Road lies one of Norwalk's significant agricultural landmarks.  The newly completed renovations at the actual homestead at Fodor Farm is simply spectacular.  The attention to detail is second to none, while maintaining the integrity of the original look and feel of the house.  The restoration truly does this city landmark proud!  The house is surrounded by all-organic community gardens. Dating back to 1809 the Fodor homestead actually has ties to another famous Norwalk name - Lockwood. Stop by and visit this slice of local history.

Fodor farm wagon

                                                            A work in progress...
 Fodor homestead architectural details

A work completed! 


Fodor entrance sign

If you'd like to know more about the history of Fodor farm you can find it here,
Historic Fodor Farm.