Results for Current Week

                                                   The Recreation Adult & Youth Softball/Volleyball & Baseball Leagues
                                                                    The Monday Men's "Tommy Spinola" Softball League 
                                                                               Partners Café Pirates 24-14 Digital Chameleon
                                                                                             Smitty's Softball 24-3 ACME
                                                                                  Hoof Hearted 21-19 G & S Services Group
                                                                                        Dirt Bags 24-10 Rick's Main Roofing
                                                                                      TC's Angels Softball 27-20 Heat Wave
                                                                                        Georgey's Tigers 22-10 Hill Top Pub
                                                                                   Norwalk Planet Pizza 11-10 Georgey's Tigers 
                                                                                             Zelem Pools 13-12 Key Food
                                                                                The Tuesday Night Men's Softball League 
                                                                                       Predators 23-6 Delgado Landscaping
                                                                                            Dooney Ducks 16-15 Cougars 
                                                                                            City Electric 18-3 Lobster Craft 
                                                                                        Turf Tacklers over AJM Landscaping
                                                                            The Tuesday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League
                                                                                               Fact Setters 2-1 Factset Spike
                                                                                              Sweet Ashleys 3-0 Beach Mates 
                                                                                                   SWAT 3-0 Factset Attack
                                                                                             Uncle Joe's Giants 2-1 Clam Diggers
                                                                                                        MKTG 3-0 Jarlsberg
                                                                                                        Loconut 3-0 BJ Ryan
                                                                                                   Over Served 3-0 Laurels AC
                                                                                                 Devine Brothers 3-0 Happy Hour
                                                                                                        Likos 3-0 Can You Dig it
                                                                                                  Factset Ace 3-0 Partners in Crime
                                                                        The Wednesday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League
                                                                                                 Net Results 2-1 Datto Sales
                                                                                            RI Pools Inc. 3-0 You got Serveyed    
                                                                                         ASML Stroopwafels 3-0 Booth Financial
                                                                                                    Reed Expo 3-0 IV Leaguer
                                                                                                      Fireball 3-0 The Bankers
                                                                                                    Saved by the Ball 2-1 Datto 
                                                                                                  Blood, Sweat & Beers 3-0 Feta 
                                                                                                   Datto Sales 2-1 Braachsaurus 
                                                                                                  Dat Ace Doe 2-1 Don Carmelos 
                                                                                The Wednesday Night Coed Softball League
                                                                                                       Factset over Killer B's
                                                                                                         NMEF 6-2 Killer B's  
                                                                                                       Etouches 22-12 NMEF
                                                                  The Wednesday Night Mimi Lawrence Wood-Bat Softball League 
                                                                                                   Advanced 8-4 Nunz's All-Stars 
                                                                                                    Yard Dawgs over Blind Rhino
                                                                                               Floe Painting 21-6 Partners Spinners
                                                                                                  Gardella Courier 7-5 Woodcock                  
                                                                                                        O' Neill's Pub 6-4 Ninja's
                                                                                                 Gardella Courier 21-4 Yard Dawgs
                                                                       The Wednesday Night Rebecca DiPanni Coed Bocce League
                                                                                                  Bocce my Balls over Green Horn
                                                                                                 Happy Hour over Saints & Sinners
                                                                                                    Old School over Lawn Rangers
                                                                                                        IMOB over SBM Becksters
                                                                                                 Beach Ballers over Boccegaloops
                                                                                                   Mad Hatters over Right Touch
                                                                                                    We Play for Becky over IMOB
                                                                            The Thursday Night Men's Industrial Softball League
                                                                                                       Reed Expo 20-4 Altieri 
                                                                                                     Rocaton 22-7 Local 2405
                                                                                                MBI Inc. 14-5 First Responders 
                                                                                                 WB Mason 20-2
                                                                                                         Factset 21-8 MBI Inc.  
                                                                                                  Local 2405 16-15
                                                                                                  Datto Inc. over Graham Capital
                                                                                                   Mercer 17-5 First Responders
                                                                             The Thursday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League:
                                                                                                                   2nd Half
                                                                                                Madera's Roofing 3-0 Wall Busters
                                                                                           Madera's Roofing 2-1 Wartortle Warriors 
                                                                                                    Ball Busters 2-1 Wall Busters
                                                                                                       Air Time 3-0 Sono Mercy
                                                                                                   Wartortle Warriors 3-0 The One 
                                                                                                Bulliett Blockers 3-0 Smash or Pass
                                                                                          Airbourne University 2-1 Vertically Challenged 
                                                                                                  Vertically Challenged 3-0 Dig This   
                                                                                                         Partners Cafe 3-0 The One
                                                                                            Airbourne University 2-1 Topwater & Friends
                                                                                       The Friday Night Men's Softball League 
                                                                                                    Snakes over Bad Bulls USA 
                                                                                               East Coast Irrigation 21-18 Wildcats  
                                                                                            Dooney & Bourke 19-4 Garavel Jeep
                                                                                                       Aces 20-16 Spartans
                                                                                                      Wildcats 22-5 Hit Men
                                                                                                Wild Boyz 16-15 Bad Bulls USA

                                                                           The Recreation High School Basketball League:

                                                                                                 City Tournament

                                                                                                JUNIOR DIVISION
                                                                                               Knicks 59-48 Blazers
                                                                                                   Nets 41-25 Kings
                                                                                                SENIOR DIVISION
                                                                                                Warriors 37-35 Wizards
                                                                                               Rockets 68-34 Cavaliers
                                                                                                 Thunder 54-42 Suns 
                                                                                                  Bulls 65-58 Celtics
                                                                            The Recreation Dot Bondi Girls Basketball League
                                                                                                         DIVISION 2
                                                                                            Huskies 23-11 Shooting Stars
                                                                                                  Jaguars 14-12 Bears
                                                                                                         DIVISION 3
                                                                                                Warriors 24-17 Sea Lions
                                                                                                   Huskies 18-14 Storm
                                                             THE 2017 ADULT SOFTBALL REGULAR SEASON CHAMPS  
                                                                                    Monday Men's Softball League  
Dirt Bags: Regular Season Champs
ACME: 2nd Half East Champs                                                       
Hill Top Pub: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                                   Tuesday Men's Softball League 
Smitty's Softball: Regular Season & 2nd Half East Champs 
Cougars: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                                     Friday Men's Softball League 
Wildcats: Regular Season Champs 
East Coast Irrigation: 2nd Place 
Snakes: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                           Mimi Lawrence Men's Wood-Bat Softball League  
Partner Spinners: Regular Season Champs 
Floe Painting: 2nd Place 
                                                                                   Men's Industrial Softball League 
WB Mason: Regular Season Champs  
MBI Inc.: 2nd Place 
Factset: 2nd Place 
                                                                                        Adult Coed Softball League 
Mooney Construction: Regular Season Champs 
O' Neill's Pub: 2nd Place 
                                                         THE 2017 BEACH VOLLEYBALL REGULAR SEASON CHAMPS 
                                                                      Tuesday Coed Beach Volleyball League
Block Party: 1st Half East Champs 
Factset Ace: 1st Half West & 2nd half East Champs
Factset Attack: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                    Wednesday Coed Beach Volleyball League 
Purple Giraffes: Regular Season Champs
Over Served: 2nd Place
                                                                   Thursday Coed Beach Volleyball League 
Air Time: Regular Season Champs 
A & A Maintenance: 2nd Half East Champs 
Wall Busters: 2nd Half West Champs