City Services Lookup A to Z

Absentee Ballots

Alarm Registration

Animal Control 


Ballots / Voting

Beach / Boat Stickers

Beach / Shellfish Updates

Bids/Vendors (Purchasing)

Birth Certificates

Board of Education

Boat Slip Mooring

City Budget - Operating and Capital

City Docks

City Islands

City Roads Maintenance

City Roads Paving

CODEBOOK - Charter - City Code

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Community Facilities

Concert Hall


Customer Service Center

Death Certificates


Demographics / City Profile

Directions to City Hall

Disaster Planning & Emergency Management

Dog License

Dump Permit

Economic Development


Elderly Real Estate Tax Credit / Deferral

Election Results

Emergency Notification - Reverse 911

Fair Housing

Fair Rent

Fence Permit

Field Use / Parks

Film Location Info/Permit

Food Licenses

Freedom of Information Request

Gaming (Hunting & Fishing)

Garbage / Recycling

Hazardous Waste Collection


Inland Wetland Permit

Job Opening / Applications

Justice of the Peace

Land Records

Legislative Voter Map (coming soon)


Licensing of Gathering/Event

Marriage License

Noise Ordinance

Norwalk Departments

Norwalk Development

Norwalk Facts & Statistics

Norwalk Housing Authority
Norwalk Islands / Harbor

Norwalk Profile

Norwalk / Attractions Resource Directory

Norwalk Videos

Notary Public

Notify Me - subscribe to E-Mail notifications for events/activities

Odor Complaints - Customer Service

Online Recreation Registration

Parking Beach/Boat

Parks Facility Permit 

Public Gathering/Event License

Parking Information/Tickets

Polling places lookup

Pool Permit

Press Releases and Announcements

Probate Court

Property Taxes

Purchasing / Bids

Real Estate Assessment

Real Estate Parcel Lookup

Recreation and Parks

Recycle Bins

Recycling Schedule & Guidelines

Restaurant Ratings

Revaluation / Tax Assessor

Room Reservations Form

Road Maintenance


School Cancellations

Senior Services

Septic Systems


Sewer Use Charge

Shellfish Updates

Sign Permits

Snow Removal / Plow Routes

Solid Waste Management

South Norwalk Electric & Water Utility

Special Event Permit

Sportsman's License

Street Sweeping

Tax Collection

Tax Rates 

Trade Names

Traffic Signals/Signs

Transfer Station

Transportation - public

Vendor/Bids (Purchasing)

Veterans Memorial Committee

Voter Location

Utilities - Third Taxing District Electric Department

Utilities - Water: First Taxing District

Utilities - Water: Second Taxing District

Water Pollution Control Authority

Wetlands Permits

Yard Waste