Norwalk Guide to Single-Stream Recycling

Norwalk has updated the list of what belongs in your recycling bin and what does not.
All items should be empty, rinsed and clean. 

Please do not box, bag, or bundle items.

PAPER Cardboard & boxboard
Food & beverage containers
Paperboard - cereal boxes, tissue boxes, paper rolls, etc.
Junk mail & phone books
Newspaper, inserts & newsprint
Office paper - white & colored
Envelopes (plastic window is OK)
Pizza boxes - no food or grease
Tissue paper  
Wrapping paper & gift bags
Shredded paper
Paper cups - hot or cold
Cardboard take-out food containers
Paper plates & napkins
Wet or soiled paper
Spiral wound food containers - juice concentrate,
biscuit dough, etc.
PLASTIC Plastic bottles - with or without caps
Plastic containers, tubs & lids
Plastic one-use cups & tops - No Straws
Loose bottle caps
Plastic plates, bowls, & utensils - Must be clean
Prescription bottles - No Labels
Plastic bags
Plastic wrap, film, or bubble wrap
Single use coffee containers/pods
Plastic straws
Styrofoam cups, containers, & trays
Packing peanuts
Compostable plates, containers, bags, or utensils
Hard Plastic
Water Filters
Motor oil or pesticide bottles
GLASS Beverage bottles & jars - clear or colored
Food bottles & jars
Ceramic mugs & plates
Pyrex containers
Drinking glasses
Light bulbs
Broken glass
Cans & bottles
Aerosol containers - Must be empty
Aluminum Foil
Foil take-out food containers
Metal lids from cans & bottles
Spiral notebooks
Paint cans
Foil tops from yogurt containers
Pots & pans
Small pieces of scrap metal
Spiral bound binders
Spiral wound food containers - juice concentrate,
biscuit dough, etc.