Voluntary Retirement


AXA Equitable (457)

The AXA Equitable life insurance company provides customers life insurance, annuity, and investment products and services. The City of Norwalk provides city employees the following AXA forms:
For more information regarding AXA Equitable, please contact David Hill, CLU at 203-840-8877.

ICMA-RC (457) and ROTH IRA

ICMA-RC provides retirement security, products, and services to public employees. Access several ICMA-RC forms provided by the City of Norwalk including:
For more forms click here.

Retirement Education Center
Realize How It All Ties Together. Save > Invest > Retire. Choose the steps that apply to you. Find useful tools to learn about your 457 plan, utilize retirement and boost your savings calculators, learn how to find ways to save more money for retirement, etc. Click here for more info.

For more information regarding IMCA, please contact Laura Hancock toll free at 866-792-3260.

ROTH IRA - The Vantagepoint Roth IRA can help you address financial needs. A Roth IRA provides potentially tax-free earnings.
For more information regarding Roth IRA, please contact Laura Hancock toll free at 866-792-3260.

ICMA 457 & Roth IRA Forms

MassMutual (457) (previously The Hartford) 

The MassMutual Financial Group provides several insurance options, including Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). MassMutual forms for Norwalk employees include:
For more information regarding MassMutual Financial Services, please contact Lori Torrano, AAMS at 203-855-7719.

For More Information

For more information about the City of Norwalk's voluntary retirement programs, please contact the Personnel and Labor Relations Department at (203) 854-7864/7716.