Calf Pasture Skate Park

Registration Information

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Program Information

In the Calf Pasture Skate Camp you will learn how to skateboard and inline skate. You will learn new tricks and brush up on old ones, while learning the lifestyle that comes along with the sport. In addition to learning or improving skating skills, other activities held during the camp will include field trips to other parks, board design, and video productions.

Bring all necessary equipment, including your own helmet, skate board, knee pads, and elbow pads. Helmets are mandatory for all programs. Also, please bring your own lunch in a cooler, along with a beverage of your choice (water is highly recommended).

Three different session programs are being offered this summer: all day sessions, half-day sessions. All of the camps will take place at Calf Pasture Beach Skate Park, located at:
Calf Pasture Beach Road
Norwalk, CT 06851