Mooring Information / Dock Regulations

Mooring Specifics

Vessels left during the day without crew on board or remaining overnight must be moored securely to the outside portion of the north or south concrete dock and parallel to the main channel. Boats may be rafted no more than three abreast. No mooring is allowed on the wooden dock sections parallel to the launching ramps, as these docks are for exclusive use of boats being launched or waiting for trailering.

Dock Rules

  • For your safety, shoes / sneakers must be worn on the docks
  • No fishing or cleaning of fish is allowed on the docks at any time
  • No open flames / firelight charcoal grills are permitted on boats or docks while vessels are moored
  • No vehicles, mopeds, bicycles, or motorcycles are allowed on docks


* Day Block - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm $1.00/pf $3.00 (elec)
* Night Block - 4:00 pm - 12:00 am $1.00/pf $3.00 (elec)
* Overnight Block - 12:00 am - 8:00 am $1.00/pf $6.00 (elec)
* Commercial Cruise Operators $3.00/pf any time
* Parking for Cruise Operators $5.00 per vehicle


* Residents/Non Residents under age 66 $42.00/pf
* Residents/Non Residents age 66 and over $35.00/pf
* Dinghies (Residents/Non Residents under age 66 $35.00/pf
* Dinghies (Residents/Non residents ages 66 and over $29.00/pf

Contact Us

Additional information about mooring or dock regulations is available through the Recreation and Parks Department at (203) 854-7806. Comments or concerns can be directed to their attention or to the State of Connecticut harbormaster, Gregg Scully at (203) 849-8823.