Visitor Dock Regulations

Dock Rules

  • For your safety, shoes / sneakers must be worn on the docks
  • No fishing or cleaning of fish is allowed on the docks at any time
  • No open flames / firelight charcoal grills are permitted on boats or docks while vessels are moored
  • No vehicles, mopeds, bicycles, or motorcycles are allowed on docks


* Day Block - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm $1.50/pf $3.00 (elec)
* Night Block - 4:00 pm - 12:00 am $1.50/pf $3.00 (elec)
* Overnight Block - 12:00 am - 8:00 am $1.50/pf $3.00 (elec)
* Commercial Cruise Operators $4.00/pf any time
* Parking for Cruise Operators $5.00 per vehicle


* Residents/Non Residents under age 66 $42.00/pf
* Residents/Non Residents age 66 and over $35.00/pf
* Dinghies (Residents/Non Residents) under age 66 $35.00/pf
* Dinghies (Residents/Non residents) ages 66 and over $29.00/pf

Contact Us

Additional information about dock regulations is available through the Veterans Park Boating Center at (203) 866-8810 during the Season April 15th - November 30th, off season please contact Recreation and Parks Department at (203) 854-7806. Comments or concerns can be directed to their attention or to the State of Connecticut harbormaster, Gregg Scully at (203) 849-8823.

Mooring Information: Please contact the State of Connecticut Harbormaster, Gregg Scully at (203) 849-8823 or email at