Restaurant Ratings

The Norwalk Health Department uses a rating system to provide the public with information on the sanitary conditions of food establishments. Ratings are provided for inspections conducted over the previous year. Ratings are only posted for class three and class four establishments. Read how establishments are classified.

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Lighthouse Certificate Award Winners

The Norwalk Board of Health established the Lighthouse Certificate Award Program to recognize city food establishments for maintaining the highest rating for the four most recent inspections. View the winners.

More Information on the Rating System

Three Lighthouses lighthouse.giflighthouse.giflighthouse.gif

These establishments receive a rating score of 90 - 100 with no critical violations or less than four risk factor violations. A qualified food operator was on site and safe food handling practices were observed at the time of the inspection. The facility was found to be in considerable compliance during the inspection.

Two Lighthouses lighthouse.giflighthouse.gif

These establishments typically exhibit acceptable levels of compliance and sanitation during the inspection and receive a rating score of either:

One Lighthouse lighthouse.gif

An establishment having a score of below 80 or any inspection with two or more critical violations receives this rating. These establishments typically exhibit poor levels of compliance and sanitation during the inspection.