Sexual Health Clinic

At Health Department sexual health clinics, community members receive confidential examination, diagnosis, and treatment for most sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Clinics also offer education to reduce the risk of those infections and free hepatitis A and B vaccines and human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines for all eligible clients. In addition, Health Department staff are available to speak and conduct educational programs for school and community groups. 

Fees and Eligibility

The fee for services is $10 per visit; however, everyone is provided services regardless of the ability to pay. Services are available to females and males thirteen years of age and older. Identification is requested.


The sexual health clinic is currently open during the following hours, by appointment only. We are not seeing walk-in clients at this time. Please call (203) 854-7776 to make in appointment and read through all COVID-19 protocols below before arriving for your appointment.

  • Mondays                    9 am - 12 pm 
  • Wednesdays             1 pm -  4 pm

COVID-19 Protocols:

Clients must:
  • Have an appointment
  • Wear mask or face covering
  • Stay outside the building in their vehicle, and call (203) 854-7776 when they arrive in the parking lot.
  • Answer questions about their symptoms, exposures, and travel history to determine if they can be seen. 
  • Wait to be called into the building for clinic services.
  • Receive temperature check and sanitize hands at the door.
Please note: cash-less payment is preferred. Debit, credit, and Apple-Android Pay options are available.

More Information about Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are potentially serious infections that are spread through sexual contact with a partner. Many infections may not show any noticeable symptoms, which is why STD testing is crucial. Medications for most of the diseases are available and effective, but if left untreated STDs can cause serious physical damage and infertility. Anyone who has unprotected sexual activity outside of a mutually monogamous relationship is at risk for an STD and should be examined.

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