Violations Defined


uses a 62-item inspection sheet with a maximum of 100 points. Nine of the items are considered risk factor violations. Ten of the items are critical four-point violation items that require re-inspection after two weeks.

Ensuring Food Safety

It is important to note that a food establishment's rating represents a snapshot of the facility at the time of the inspection. The grade is used to place a value on compliance to the regulations, educate the operators, and encourage corrective action.

Below is a listing of the critical four-point and risk factor violations a food establishment may receive during the inspection process. The critical and risk factor violations listed below may cause food-borne illness.

Critical Four-Point Violations

  • Adequate toilet facilities
  • Adequate water source
  • All food must come from an approved source
  • Approved sewage disposal
  • No cross connections
  • Personnel with infections
  • Potentially hazardous food meets temperature requirements
  • Proper hand washing facilities and use of those facilities
  • Toxic items properly stored
  • Unwrapped food not re-served

Risk Factor Violations

  • Adequate facilities to maintain temperatures
  • Clean wiping cloths
  • Food contact surfaces of utensils and equipment clean
  • Food containers stored off floor
  • Food protected during storage, preparation, display, service, and transportation
  • Good hygienic practices, smoking restricted
  • Handling of food minimized
  • Sanitation rinse
  • Suitable hand cleaner and sanitary towels