Vets Park


  1. Take I-95 (north or south) to Exit 16 (East Avenue). If coming from I-95 North, make a right at the top of the off-ramp; if coming from I-95 South, make a left at the top of the off-ramp.
  2. Follow East Avenue under the railroad tracks, past the cemetery on your left, and continue down a slight hill until the street ends at Seaview Avenue. Norwalk Harbor should be directly in front of you. At that intersection you can see Vets Park on your right.
  3. Make a right onto Seaview, and watch for the east entrance to the park on your left. If the entrance is closed, continue on Seaview to the stoplight at Washington Street. Bear left through the light, and watch for the west entrance to Vets Park on your left.