How do I obtain a pistol permit?

The Norwalk Police Department only issues Temporary State of Connecticut Pistol Permits for bona fide permanent residents of the City of Norwalk. If you own a business in the City of Norwalk but reside outside the City of Norwalk, you must apply in the town of your residence for a State of Connecticut Pistol Permit. If you own a business in the City of Norwalk but reside outside the State of Connecticut, you must apply to the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection for a Non-Resident Pistol Permit. They can be reached at (860) 685-8290 or

PISTOL PERMITS - Will not be accepted if Incomplete, not Notarized, missing required documents or photo. You will need to reschedule an appointment.

Executive Order 7E(3) – extends the “60 Day Temporary Pistol Permit” expiration by 90 additional days for a Total of 150 Days from date signed.

Fingerprinting Online Scheduling 

Pistol Permit Application and Instructions

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