I'm being improperly billed for my car. What do I do?

Contact the Assessor’s Office at (203) 854-7888, or by fax at (203) 854-7986.  Do not ignore your bill.   Even if your vehicle has been:

  • Sold and plates returned to Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Stolen and not recovered
  • Declared a total loss
  • Moved from Norwalk, or from Connecticut

If any of these situations applies to you, you may be entitled to a credit.  Contact the assessor’s office for information regarding the acceptable forms of proof for the issuance of a credit. Two forms of written proof are required, and you must apply for the credit within a limited time.

Please note that due to COVID 19 restrictions you may have to present your paperwork and then wait up to several days for a response from city staff.  We are working in shifts and some employees are working from home.

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